Why Night Flight is one of my favorite channels!

A couple of years ago  I was browsing through my IG feeds of recommendations you might like. There was one particular Instagram feed name caught my attention:


So I clicked on it and discover a whole new amazing world that I have no idea that existed!!!

Night Flight was originally started  in 1981 by Stuart S. Shaprio as a late show on USA network and flash forward to 2015 to it relaunch of  a online website and subscription channel called Night Flight Plus ( Night Flight Plus ) which is the channel I have been subscribing to since 2017. When I was browsing through there feed I notice a link to subscribe to their channel so I took a chance on it. I discover that it is such a great channel to subscribe to! When I click on the channel I never not find something new or interesting to watch and enjoy. They have such a wide selection of things to watch such as their original shows, music documentaries, cartoons like Gumby:


And they even have movies from Arrow Films and Full Moon.


They even have episodes from:


Practically the sky is the limit in satisfying that eternal question  you probably have asked yourself at one time: “What should I watch tonight?”

I really enjoy how everything on the Night Flight menus have a subcategory such as their essentials section,  must-watch original episodes and cartoons etc.  It makes it so easy to just browse and enjoy! If I want to watch a night flight episode that focus on Gothic rock from the mid 1980’s you bet that have an episode like that!

If you want to know more information or to subscribe they have an amazing website!


Night Flight

To subscribe to the channel:

Night Flight Plus  


I believe that this channel is worth an subscription!


Until Next time!



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