Welcome to the Insta-hood : @george9840!

Hello all! Welcome to another installment of welcome to the Insta-hood! Where I interview fascinating people and their accounts.

This time I interviewed IG account:

@george9840 ( also known as George Marquez)


  1. Tell me a little about yourself.

“My name is George , I like a lot of retro stuff, and things that provoke imagination. I love to laugh and help people.”

2. What is Dungeons and Drag?

” Dungeons and drag , is a non for profit that is set up to support the LBGTQIA community through gaming(Dungeons & Dragons, board games) and drag. We set out to have safe, sober spaces, for the community to play and express themselves.


We do this by working with other charities such as Sunserve, and pridelines to make sober gaming events for everyone.


We are trying to make a campaign to promote sobriety for the LBGTQ community.”


3.  What was the most memorable event that has happened to you this summer?

“Most memorable event this summer was the most awesome event by our friend @DJhotpants, the event is called Double stubble at Gramps. Dungeons and Drag were invited to table at this event.We had an amazing raffle to raise some money for our charity, and some amazing queens brought down the house.



Also I will say meeting the amazing Florida man @floridamaniac, and Lacienga @lacienga_, two great drag queens that will set the scene ablaze!


4. What is  your top three songs that best describe your summer?

“Queen of the rodeo by Orville Peck.

Clutch by Power glove.


Status quo by Period bomb.

5. Is there any exciting events or news that you would like to share?

“Currently we are excited that we finally raised enough money to become a 501c3!”



If you like to know more info and/or contact George about Dungeons and Drag his IG is below:



There is also a go fund me page if you would like to donate for Dungeons and Drag:

Dungeons and Drag GO Fund me Page 


They also have an IG account:




Thank you for the interview George!

Until Next time!


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