“It’s good day for an exorcism”

Back in October 2015 my friend Jane called me asking me if I was interested in meeting up with her. She told me that the Exorcist staircase was getting the VIP treatment by becoming an official Washington DC landmark and  tourist attraction that day. Also she told me that director William Friedkin who directed “The Exorcist” and the author who wrote “The Exorcist” William Peter Blatty was going to sign autographs a couple of hours before the landmark ceremony and if I was interested in going to both?


Without any hesitation I said yes! I do not remember if I had any other plans that day but I guess they were not important enough to keep. I automatically met with her at the metro and we headed towards the top of “The Exorcist Stairs” about two hours when the signing started and we were already met with a line! Not a long one at the time but there was about ten people in front of us.

Only then I realized I tracked all this way and I had absolutely nothing for them to sign. Fortunately I was able to find a newspaper stack that had  a front page  talking about the exorcist steps.


While Jane and I were waiting in line we met some new friends ! Like @punchbuggyblues who was the first person ahead of us in line. We also some some kids and an lady dress up in some awesome Exorcist characters!:


Then it was time to meet William Friedkin and William Peter Blatty! There were super nice and I got an autograph from them! This is only the second and third time I got someone’s autograph in my life!


Jane got her movie signed too:


Later that evening everyone met by the bottom of the Exorcist Stairs


The mayor of Washington DC and William Friedkin both did a speech about the steps and the cut some ribbon around the plaque:

This was the nearest spot I got that evening. haha! 


It was a pretty cool experience to see and be a part of! These set of stairs really do not look like much from afar. Before this event it took me a while to realize that this was the steps from the movie. My sister even went to college near there and I would drive or even walked down the set of stairs not realizing the significance of them.

Days after the event I decided to give my sign autograph picture of William Friedkin to Mike:


Until next time!

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