My movie picks for October!

Hello Everyone! I have been asked by a lot of people to do a list of movies to watch for October. So here are my five movie I would recommend to watch in order to get into the Halloween spirit!


House (Hausu) 1977 directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi


So the first time I heard about this movie was when it was being re-released by the Criterion Collection a couple of years ago.  I knew nothing about it but the Criterion Collection cover seemed interesting enough for me to blind buy it.


I remember the day when it arrived in the mail I had gotten off a late shift at night and was pretty tired but I decided to delay my normal nighttime routine and watch it.


This was truly a unique movie experience! It was weird, funny and awesome! If you want to watch a movie that is out of your normal movie watching routine then this is the movie for you! It has a haunted house, cats and a great soundtrack!


Link to buy is below:



The Holy Mountain (1973) directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. This movie has been the only time where I watched a movie and had no clue what I watch after finishing it. To be honest I dislike it with a passion however the movie ended up staying on my mind for a month. I just couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to give it another chance and watch it. I learned to appreciate it the second time viewing it. I was able to view it with a much more open mind and it quickly became one of my favorite movies and Alejandro Jodorowsky is one of my favorite directors.


Jodorowsky is a very unique person with a colorful personal history and his movies clearly reflect that.


Link to rent is below:

The Holy Mountain 

Scalpel (1977)

Directed by John Grissmer. This southern Gothic movie part soap opera plot twists and horror mixed into one crazy movie! Would you ever recreate someone that went missing? This guy did:


But you can never recreate someone’s personality 100%. No one is replaceable and this movie teaches you that.


Link is below to rent is below:


City of the Living Dead (1980):


Directed by Lucio Fulci. What happens when you accidentally open the portal to hell? Well this movie shows the total chaos when it happens! Director Lucio Fulci is no stranger when it comes to horror and gore and this movie is not for the faint of heart. Italian horror movies is one of my favorite genres of movies and if you are a horror fan this deserves at one viewing!

giphy (1)

The worst Witch (1986)

Directed by Robert Young. So it is no surprise that I added this movie to the list. Mainly because of my Tim Curry obsession! Plus it is nice to show that Halloween does not have been about super scary things a hundred percent of the time!

Link to buy is below:

The Worst witch

Happy viewing!!!

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