Artist’s Spotlight: @billylillyuniverse

This week’s Artist’s Spotlight is on @billylillyuniverse



  1. Tell me a little about yourself.

“Here’s a little about me.

I like wearing overalls but I don’t like being called Mario. One time I built a pool in the woods for my Abbigail to swim in. Took 15 water hoses to fill it up. She’s swim naked in there at night with the frogs, like a big mama queen.

I got a real bad memory. Had to ask what year it was just yesterday. I try to document often to help with that. I keep a scrapbook full of screenshots from Instagram. Just anything interesting to me.

I make wood cutouts of my friends and family and keep them around too.

I’m making my own movie theater in my town’s old gym. Been whittling away at it for the past couple of years. I’m always thinking of new things to tack on.”


2. Where do you get your inspiration from?

“Well since I started the theater’s I’ve painted over a hundred pictures of movie stars and posters about movies. I like the ones from the 80’s and 90’s mostly. Stuff from my childhood. I make it a point to see a movie before I do a painting about one. I wrote a poem called Movies are my Friends.  It goes like this: “Movies are my friends, on them I can depend. When I’m lonesome to no end movies are my friends. If you’ve ever seen that silver screen then you know just what I mean. I can keep my VCR heads clean cuz movies are my friends.”


Lots of other things inspire me all the time too tho: My soulmate Abbigail Rose Lilly. (We met in the 5th grade if you can believe it.) She’s obsessed with Disney and that’s seeped into my work a lot lately.

Last summer, we went swimming one night and around 3 in the morning. we saw 3 fairies flyin real quick into the barn. I think about things like that when I’m feeling creative.”


3. What are 2 favorite pieces you created and why are they your favorite?

“I don’t pick favorites. I love all my babies.”

4. What artist dead or alive would you want to collaborate with and why?

“Well if I could remember who she is. I would know right away who I’d pick. There was this sweet, middle aged, Asian woman on Instagram who I absolutely adored. She was very cheerful in her videos and confident too. She’d say “I love my painting!” I wish I could find her. I suppose I took her uncommon magic for granted. That’s why I make my little books now so I can keep track of all my special people whom I admire.”

5. Do you have any up events or any exciting news that you would to share?


“No big news right now. Just chipping away on my movie theater. It’s called the Super True Love Theater, which is part of my bigger vision called Lilly Land U.S.A (located in Brandenburg, Kentucky)

Once my work is done it will be open and free to the public. I still have plenty of workin to do tho. My next big conquest is a handmade arcade. You can follow my progress over on @billylillyuniverse  on Instagram


Thank you for reading there here interview. It was a real pleasure. Have a happy day


Billy Lilly



Thank you for the interview. If you would like to buy their art their shop is below:

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