Five Winter reads!!

There is no secret that I love to read! I would totally pull an all nighter book binge. If a certain book made me want to turn every one of it’s pages then time becomes non-existent.

So during the winter months it is prime time for me to curl up with a good book or two…..or twenty.

I made up a list of five reads that I am planning to read this winter season. Or if you still have an avid reader to shop for and you are still on the search to get them that special gift (ahem like ME!). I will provide links on where to buy!

Chase Darkness with Me: How One True-Crime Writer Started Solving Murders by @BillyJensen I first heard about this book when it was first released in August. Author Billy Jensen decided to take matters into his hand decides to solve an unsolvable murder that even the police gave up on.

Link to buy is below:

Chase Darkness With Me

Supreme Glamour by Mark Bego and Mary Wilson. Mary Wilson is the founding member of one of my favorite music girl groups: the Supremes. Along with their amazing vocal cords I also remember their amazing fashion, Mary Wilson and Mark Bego goes in to deep discussion of 32 ensembles from the singing group.

Link to buy is below:

Supreme Glamour


The Topeka School by Ben Lerner. From the description of this book kind of reminds of the show “My so called life” but in book form. It has all the hidden teenage august set in the 90’s era that I would to read about.

Link to buy is below:

The Topeka School



Dali. Tarot (Taschen) This is actually a book I gifted myself. Taschen is one of my favorite book companies because they make their books so exquisitely well. Every time I opened a Taschen book I get a eye full of beautiful photos and exciting words. So when I heard this set of tarot cards was coming out I knew it was something I had to get. There was a limited edition version of this deck that was published in 1984 which is extremely hard and expensive to come by. I thought the reissued version was worth getting.


Link to buy is below:

Dali. Tarot


All about Sergio Leone: The Definitive Anthology by Oreste De Fornari: I am a huge fan of Italian cinema. So when I heard that there was a book about Sergio Leone coming out soon on December 27th it was a pre-order must buy for me.

Link to buy is below:

All About Sergio Leone: The Definitive Anthology


What books are on your reading list this winter? Comment below!

Until next time!


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