Have a Horrific Valentine’s Day!

When you think of Valentine’s Day  you think of the over kill of love, and hearts.  Every available cartoon character with it’s own show surrounded by hearts : fc95ef24b71dbdc0311bf786e036730eclassic-cartoon-valentines-day-cards-14

However they are the older vintage Valentine’s Day cards that have it’s share of the weird, creepy and sometimes horrifying premise to say “I love you. I am not sure if Valentine’s Day cards back in the early 20th century were meant to share you into loving the person who gave you the card. Maybe people were edgier in their feelings  and wants in those days. In any case I decided to share some memorable and scary Valentine’s Day cards. Sometime when I see these vintage Valentine’s Day cards I think that this holiday is a mini Halloween. Which of course I am all for it!!!



So I noticed there were a lot of cards that mixed witches, witchcraft and love. I enjoy the mixture of witchcraft and love in one card.


Get a card that shows off your talents of eating fire.


I think this Valentine’s Day card is suppose to encourage you to be a 100% true to your Valentine’s.


This is one of my favorite cards. It has a clown who is either about to punk you out or is aggressive in telling you in the dead of night in the corner of your room while sleeping that you are the only one for them.

a99968_Unintentionally Hilarious Vintage Valentine's Day Cards (5)
via mitchoconnell.blogspot.com

If the part heart head and other half human Valentine’s Day card is not weird enough for you. Then let the big creepy eyes follow you while you read your Valentine’s Day Card.


Nothing says I love you like sneaking behind your Valentines and covering their mouth?!?!


via Mitchoconnell.blogspot.com

There was a lot of food related Valentine’s Day cards. Although a lot them were kind of weird like the pig about to turn himself into bacon in return for your love.


No words….



There was also a lot of cards that promoted self harm or putting yourself in harm’s waya in order to receive love.


When I think of Valentine’s day the first animal pops in my head are those lovable sharks!


Valentine’s Day cards and greetings have advance a lot to current times but I still get  kick going back and seeing these old cards.


Until Next Time!!!

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