Hidden Destinations: Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

In Fall River, Massachusetts there is a very famous house where a very unfortunate scene happen in the late 1800s.


Lizzie Borden was the central figure surrounding  this house. If you ever heard of the nursery rhyme of her it goes like this:


She was accused of murdering her stepmother Abby and her father Andrew Borden in the house with an ax. She was later acquitted by a jury although the killer was never caught. It still remains a mystery of who killed them although there are many theories. (Perhaps I’ll do a separate blog post on those at another time!)



Which  made the house that the sad incident happen at  grew mystery lore and creepy vibes. Many ghost hunters have past through this to record haunting incidents and also weird things have happen to people that have stay here the night.


The current owner named Martha McGinn actually inherited the house because her parents brought it in 1948 and kept it in the family every since. In 1996 Martha decided instead of using the house as a private residence she instead turned the abode into a cozy bed and breakfast. She kept the inside of the house with the same kind of furniture during that time frame.


Naturally she named the house Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast and it has a good rating in terms of service and stay on many travel sites such as trip advisor. The house also doubles as a museum and has it’s own gift shop:


Even the Fall River Historical Society promotes this bed and breakfast as a great tourist attraction in the city.

On certain nights the Bed and Breakfast even hosts a “Paranormal Night” that are usually held during the evening hours and the link is below if you like to know more information about it:



According to Wikipedia Martha McGinn said that the most booked room in the residence is the room where Abby Borden was found murdered:


The price to stay in the rooms ranges per night but I believe that the starting rate is $250 dollars and it is an additional cost for extra people as well. You also have the option of renting out the whole floor and also picking out the room (if available during the time you book) by the name of the family member that actually resided in it. Although they do book quickly. However for the time being they the Bed and Breakfast is currently closed.


If you like to learn more information about this quaint Bed & Breakfast they do have their own website:



Would you like to spend a night here? Comment below!


Until next time!


Source: Wikipedia,








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