Some of my fave TV and Movie Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I decided to talk about some of my favorite TV and Movie Moms. There are SO many I can choose from. However I decided on five that instantly came to mind.

Serial Mom (1994 directed by John Waters):

Beverly Sutphin is Serial Mom! She is the perfect housewife and mother to her family but she has a dark side: she kills! While she is cleaning her house or baking a pie she finds the time to prank call her neighbors who wrong her. The personality of Beverly Sutphin reminds me of an apple. On the outside you see this perfect apple but when you bite into it there is a chance that it might be rotten to it’s core!


Marge Simpson:


One of my all time favorite cartoon moms. She is recognizable by her blue hair and pearls. She tries to be the perfect mom but she also have her flaws like everyone else. She tries hard to relate to Bart, Lisa, and Maggie but sometimes she is out  of touch. She always refers back to the way her mom acted back to her and sometimes Marge realizes her mom always had human flaws as well.


Morticia Addams:


Mother to Wednesday, Pugsley and Pubert Addams she is the best Gothic mother ever! She always seems supportive of her children whether it is playing on the roof of their house. Trying to stab each other or bombing each other’s rooms. Morticia Addams has always encourages her children to play and learn at their own beat of their drum.


Peggy Bundy:


She is the ultimate anti-work domestic mom. She is the kind of mom that truly goes to the tune of her own song. Her favorite shows included Oprah, Donahue and the home shopping network. She truly knows how to pamper herself and truly values her self care.

Sophia Petrillo:


Mother to Dorothy Zbornak. This quick witty Mom is always the first one to have a remark or opinion when it comes to her daughter or anyone else that she lives with. She is sassy and funny and never apologizes for who she is. She loves her daughter more than anything in the world even if she says something brutally honest about what Dorothy is wearing!


Who is your favor tv/movies moms? Comment below!!!


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