Welcome to the Insta-hood: @mandy.morgue

Hello and welcome to Welcome to the Insta-hood! This week I interviewed: @mandy.morgue
1) Tell me a little about yourself:
“My name is Mandy Morse and I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for my entire existence! I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else and I don’t think I’d want to! As for traveling I’d like to go to Ireland and Vietnam. I love New Orleans and Boston, those are some of my favorite cities I’ve been to in the US. (Never been out of the country sadly)  I’m a Virgo and I like movies, music, sewing, cooking, astrology, gardening, cleaning, and animals are my favorite hobbies and things. I’m married and have been for about 3 and a half years now, but we’ve been together for 9 years. His name is Andy… I always had a feeling i’d marry someone who’s named similar to mine. At the beginning I tried to call him “Andrew” but he’s just not an Andrew, he’s an Andy. so now we’re Mandy and Andy :). He’s a gemini and we go really well together. Some important things about me: I have three cats and a dog. No kids and I don’t plan on having them. I’ve lived with my best friend, Ashley for about 10 years now. My favorite animal is a pig. My top 5 favorite bands (in no particular order) are: 1. REM 2. Billy Joel 3. Rolling Stones 4. Green Day 5. Fleetwood Mac.”
2) Can you talk a little about working at Starbucks? What is your favorite drink to make? What is your favorite drink to drink?
“I’ve worked at Starbucks for 9 years and some people wonder how I’ve lasted this long. I think I just found a place im happy to come to 5 days a week. I feel loved ad supported by my bosses and my customers. Some people I’ve known for almost a decade now. I met Andy at Starbucks, too. I love learning about coffee and sharing and gaining any knowledge I can about food, beverages, and anything culinary. I enjoy making mochas and caramel macchiatos but I have to admit I do get a real satisfaction from making very high maintenance drinks. I’m talking all boxes checked; half decaf this, light ice but not too light, decorating the walls of the cup with caramel, substitute this for that.. I would never drink anything like that but I don’t mind making them. I prefer a small cup of blonde roast with some heavy cream. I LOVE Dunkin Donuts brewed coffee but there are none in Washington or Oregon :(.”
3) How did you come up with your Instagram name?
“As for my instagram name, it’s just a play on my real name, Mandy Morse. My maiden name was Clewett, and I was really excited to change my instagram name to something new to reflect my new last name. (Used to be mandy.clew) One of my friends suggested mandy.morgue and I thought it was PERECT! Simple and to the point, just how I like. Also, I’m into all the good stuff like horror and cemeteries and funeral ephemera so it really felt right. Before I decided to go to Culinary school, I wanted to be a funeral director for a long time. I volunteered in a couple funeral homes, did my Senior Project on Cremation and have quite a bit of hands on experience. It’s an industry I still plan to work in, just not now. “
4) What is your favorite food to make?
“My favorite food to make is various types of sauces. Bechamel is my favorite of the mother sauces which is milk-based, AKA Mac n cheese sauce! You can do as much or as little as you want with it! One of my goals was to walk away from culinary school knowing how to make a good sauce. Also, I like cooking New York strip steaks with lots of butter and some fresh rosemary straight from my backyard on a nice seasoned cast iron as well, nothin’ better. I also make very good fried chicken. One of my secrets is to use a cornstarch/flour mixture and season the SHIT out of it. Extra Paprika!”
5)What have been some go to activities you have been doing while you are staying indoors?
“I sewed a couple cute aprons for myself, planted some peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and some fresh catnip. Drank lots of chardonnay with my roommates/family. Dove into some Disney Channel original movies I haven’t seen in YEARS. “Six Feet Under” is on Hulu for some awesome reason so I picked back up on season 3 where I left off. GREAT show. I love Claire and David because they’re scared and fearless at the same time, and they are true to themselves. Andy and I have been playing lots of Mario Kart on the Switch. Cooked a lot of yummy dishes for my work and home family. So far one trip and one concert has gotten cancelled.
But on the night of when our concert was supposed to be, we got a 6-pack of beer, a pint of whiskey, dressed our best, and played a concert on youtube over the big screen. We acted like we were at the venue and I made bar food and it was really cool. Almost like it was the real thing.”

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