Five not so well known Simpsons Characters!

As you guys are well aware I am huge fans of the Simpsons! I have watched them since I was eight years old. The show has always been one of my staple go to when I am bored or need a laugh. So here are five characters from the show you may not know as well.



Jeremy Freedman or better known as the teenager with the squeaky voice. He has always been one of those staple background characters on the show. You usually see him working at Krusty burger or some kind of fast food restaurant:

He is well known for his mishaps at work or his acne. He is a huge fan of Futurama and even jumped off a cliff when he heard it was cancelled. He is not much of a talker but when he does talk it always seems to be disappointed in his own actions. The only family member he has on the show is the next person we will discuss.

Doris Freedman:


Doris Freedman or better known as “Lunch Lady Doris.” Is the face of the Springfield Elementary School Cafeteria. She always uses the best lowest grade meats or leftovers supplies she is able to find for the children to eat lunch.  Due to the almost non existent school budget for food also she has two other jobs. She is also the school nurse and she is also the mail lady in town. Her son is Jeremy Freedman  and she has dated Springfield most elite bachelors such as Hans Moleman and Groundskeeper Willie.


Lucille Botzcowski:


Sometimes she goes by Miss Botz but she is better known as “The Babysitter Bandit.” She babysat the Simpsons kids once and the kids found out her true identity. They hogtied her in hopes they were able to get free t-shirts from the show they called in that feature her.


However they were not able to get those t-shirts because Homer untied her and let her go on her way without knowing that she stole a bunch of stuff from their house and that she was wanted in a couple of states.

Shelby’s Father:


I only remember him in the one episode where the residents of Springfield try to get back their Lemon tree from the town of Shelbyville. And they have to go to the Shelbyville Car Impound lot to get it back which it was own by Shelby’s Father. His character is based of a Homer just the Shelbyville version of him. They say that that inspiration Shelby’s Father is actor Walter Matthau.


Spirit Guide:

giphy (1)

When Homer starts to hallucinate from eating a very hot pepper a spirit guide shows up in his hallucination. He is one of my favorite not so well known characters from the show because he was voiced by Johnny Cash. The spirit guide encourages Homer to seek out his true soul mate and makes him think a little deeper.





I will definitely do another entry on this because they are so many residents of the cartoon town of Springfield. That is definitely worth mentioning!


Until next time!







3 thoughts on “Five not so well known Simpsons Characters!

  1. I love this! I had no idea what the teenagers name is! I stopped watching a few years ago, but at the beginning of the Pandemic I picked up Disney+ and have been watching the reruns. Please go check out my blog on the Simpsons on my page. I love the idea of this post, but if I may, I think you can do a touch a better. Go deeper. Forget the characters like the Springfield Dad or babysitter bandit who were just one episode. Think about guys like the other men in the old age home. Think about the 1-arm guy who runs the gun shop (haven’t seen him in a while). Everyone knows everyone in Springfield! Heck, I just watched the New Orleans episode and had no idea what the music teacher’s name was, either! Thank you for this!

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