The weirder the better!

I am a huge fan of movies. I am especially a fan of weird plots or concepts in movies. So here are five movies that you may or may not heard of!

Heathers (1989) directed by Michael Lehmann:

Starring Winoa Ryder, Shannen Doherty and Christian Slater. I only heard about this movie back in 2004. So it took me a couple of years to jump on the Heathers movie bandwagon. A dark comedy about high school, teen suicide and popular kids? Count me in! This movie is definitely worth watching a couple of times because the dialogue in it is so crafty and very punchy. This movie was recently featured on The Last Drive- In with Joe Bob Briggs:


If you have a shudder subscription I definitely recommending watching Heathers with Joe Bob Briggs commentary. Because it taught me lot of things I did not know about the film.

Random movie fact:

The role of Veronica was meant to be played by Jennifer Connelly but she turned it down.

The Fan (1982) directed by Eckhart Schmidt:


Starring Desiree Nosbusch and Bodo Staiger. A young teenage girl crush on a pop star singer turns really weird and deadly. This crush becomes more than just a fantasy thing, it totally consumes her to the point that nothing else matters. She lost interests in school, in her friends and her home. When she finally runs away to meet her crush at a TV station dire consequences happen.


Random movie fact: Bodo Staiger is not only one of the leads in the movie but he also made the soundtrack for the movie.

Available to buy from Amazon:

The Fan 1982

Scalpel (1977) directed John Grissmer:


Starring Robert Lansing, and Judith Chapman. A plastic surgeon who goes off the mental edge and physically makes over a young lady who just suffer  injuries from a car accident into his missing daughter. And that is not even the weirdest part: The young girl falls in her with the plastic surgeon!


I always tend to revisit this movie every couple of years because of the Gothic vibes I get from the movie. Plus the beautiful background of the mansion didn’t hurt at all! It is a beautiful mansion.

Random movie fact: This movie was filmed in Georgia for a budget of 400,000.

Available to watch on Tubi:


Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) directed by Michael Patrick Jann:


Starring Kristen Dunst, Kirstie Alley and Denise Richards. This is one of my favorite movies ever. This is another dark comedy ( I think you can tell that this one of my favorite movie genres). It is about a small town in Minnesota where a   beauty pageant is being held but someone in town is taking winning too seriously. And they are literally killing their competitors in order to win.

Random movie fact:

Kirstie Alley was inspired by Frances McDoramid acting in Fargo and used it in her role as Gladys Leeman.

Available to buy from Amazon:

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Meet the Feebles (1989) directed by Peter Jackson:

What happens when puppets start using drugs, money and sex? Meet the Feebles! I came around this movie when I was looking up information for another movie on IMDb. I accidentally typed in the wrong word and this movie popped up. And honestly I don’t regret making that mistake!


Random movie fact: Peter Jackson actually makes a cameo in his own movie. He is dressed up as one of the alien costumes from his movie “Bad Taste.” And you can briefly see him in that costume in the audience scene in this movie.


Available to watch from Tubi:

Meet the Feebles

Until Next time!


Source: Wikipedia and Internet Movie Database



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