The show won’t go on: Beetlejuice Graveyard Mash-Up !

The first time I went to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida I was so amazed by everything! The lights, the sounds, there was a lot of neon going on in the maps. It was a total mind explosion in my eight year old head!map

Then I remember my family and I stood in line for a show. I really wanted to go on the back to the future ride first but my mom said I would really enjoy the show and we will go on the ride later.


We went into this like open area theater and sat down to wait for whatever that was about to start soon. Then I heard a loud explosion and then I saw this guy:


I was so excited because I had literally seen the movie Beetlejuice like 20 times at the point. I literally had a lot of the scenes memorized in my mind.  I was so impressed by the show that every time my family and I went to Universal Studios. We would try to watch the opening show and I never got tired of watching Beetlejuice dance, sing and be his usual Beetlejuice self. Then I saw all of my favorite Universal Monsters and the show completely made my visit awesome! My kid mind was also impress that the monsters had incredible singing voice and awesome dance moves!

The show first premiere in May of 1992 and it had a good run in Florida until January 2016 where it was replace with Fast & Furious: Supercharged. Now I am not a fan of the Fast & Furious but I know a lot of people are. Universal Studios in Japan is the only park that currently runs the show.  I don’t know if I will ever travel to Japan but if I do I am pretty sure this will be the first place I will visit to reminiscent in my childhood memories of Frankenstein and Dracula dancing to great 1950’s music. But in the meantime there are tons of Youtube video the various performances throughout the twenty plus years that the show ran in the Hollywood and Orlando Parks.

Like any long term show it went through different revamps in terms of using different songs, dance moves and actors. But in any case I felt regard of the different levels of this live show it still delivered a sold performance.



There are not a lot of first day rides left at Universal Studios in Orlando. I believe that the E.T. ride and I am always curious to see when they will stop the one. But for now I have my memories to draw on and many possible future trips to the park in my future!

Has anyone else seen the show in any other Universal Studio Parks? Have you seen the show in Orlando? Comment below!

On a side note: I will be writing in the future more first day attractions for for Disney World and Universal Studios. Also let me know in the comments below a ride that I have not cover that you would like to see in the future!


Until next time!!

3 thoughts on “The show won’t go on: Beetlejuice Graveyard Mash-Up !

  1. I’ve been to Orlando and Hollywood a number of times and never managed to do the Universal tour.

    Next time I revisit either location it will be on my go-to list, even if Beetlejuice is no longer on the menu.

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