Man of the Moment: Count Von Count!

Count Von Count you are this month’s MAN OF THE MOMENT!!! He is one of the first characters on Sesame Street that I remember seeing first on the show. He is one of the few memorable characters that can wear a monocle well. His looming cape, his impeccable sense of style and great sense of memory when it comes to numbers rivals few. I remember when I first started kindergarten I would recite my numbers as Count Von Count! Which deeply confused the nuns that were my teachers.

Here are some facts you may now know about the Count Von Count:

The character inspiration of the Count is from actor Bela Lugosi portrayal of Dracula:

The first time Count Von Count made his debut on Sesame Street is in 1972 on the show’s season 4 with Bert and Ernie. Ernie set up a bunch of blocks and asked Bert to watch them while he goes to an errand. Bert thinks it is an easy job until a guy in a cape who said he loves to count appears!!!

I am not going to lie I have a lot of Sesame Street songs on my Spotify playlist title “Good Tunes” and one of the songs I have on there is called “The Batty Bat” sung by Count Von Count:

The Batty Bat

The Count doesn’t really live in Sesame Street because he lives in a huge castle and he doesn’t really cleans it as much as he should because their are a lot of cobwebs in his home.

His house also attracts a lot of bats and instead of making them go alway. He makes them his pets and even named some of them: Grisha, Misha, Sasha and Tatiana.

In a book called “The Sesame Street Pet Show” (1980) we learned that the Count has a pet octopus named Octavia.

The Count also has a kitten name Fatatita although no one knows the correct spelling of the kitten’s name because it is also spelled “Fatatatita.”

Count Von Count had a couple of love interests:

The first was The Countess Von Numeral (aka. Natasha):

She had similar features to the Count and she even had a monocle!! She also had a weird obsession with chime bells. She moved from Transylvania to Sesame Street and lives in an apartment above the drug store.


The second lady was name Lady Two. They met at a ball and the Count noticed her number 2 statue. Not only does he strike up a conversation with her but he also woos her with a song and dance!

Two for Two

Officially the Count is never referred to as a vampire. Maybe they thought it might be too scary for kids if he was referred to as one.

He has an awesome car that he nicknamed “The Countmobile.”

His other interests is music. He was a radio Dj and had his own station and had a segment on Sesame Street called “Count It Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street:

Overall the reason why Count Von Count is one of my favorite characters is because he combines two things scary and learning. And I think if you are able to reach a person through those two avenues I think you have done a wonderful job!

Until Next time!!!



Source: Muppet Wiki

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