Music Video of the Day: Batdance

Today’s music video of the day is Prince’s Batdance (1989). Prince wrote this song for the Batman soundtrack (1989). Which was also Prince’s eleventh studio album which was release on June 20, 1989.

The song made it to the number one single chart in America and stayed there for a couple of weeks.

Prince originally was going to use another song called “Dance with the Devil.” But went with “Batdance” because he felt the other song was too brooding in feeling.

I find that Prince’s Batdance a unique blend of a couple of songs mixed into one. There different tones that might sound like they don’t mixed well together but then he added a dance beat to it which blends in well that you are able to dance to it. Also adding some actor’s lines from the movie like you are hear Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson voice from the movie in the song. I know the description sounds like a lot but you just have to listen to it and see how well it blends.

The music video was directed by Albert Magnoli who was Prince’s manager for a time. He is also a movie director who directed such films as :


The dancing in the video was choreographed by Barry Lather.

He also did the choreography for other music videos such as Janet Jackson’s Nasty (which is one of my favorite music videos!)

In the “Batdance” music video Prince is dressed as two of the main characters in a split form. Prince is refer to as “Gemini” in this video (it is also his horoscope sign) he has a good side as one part of his costume is Batman and the other is the evil side which is the Joker:

The dancers are in three groups: The Batmans:

The Jokers:

And the Vicki Vales:

There is also Prince the musician playing the instruments so there is a lot of characters going in one foggy cool underground cave rave!

You see each group being introduce in each break of the song. Throughout the whole video you see the groups dance it out with Prince being focal point while bringing all the other groups to mix in and dance together. At the end of the video Gemini (Prince) hits a button and an election chair explodes.

A fun fact about this music video: This music video earned a lot of nominations including a Soul Train Music Award, Best R&B/Soul Music and Best Video from the MTV awards.

Until next time!!!

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