Cool fictional dads!

For Father’s day I decided to write about some interesting fictional dads:

Homer Simpson:

Always the funny dad Homer Simpson always pulls through for his children whenever they are in need of advice or help. It may not be in a well polished manner but the important is that he cares.

Papa Smurf:

His first name is Papa and he is always the go to father figure in the village. Yes he has some anger issues when it comes to fixing everyone’s problems in the village however deep down inside he knows that it is his calling in life.

Clark Griswold:

Clark Griswold loves and does anything for his family. Even if it includes almost killing himself by driving cross country to Walley World:

Or accidentally locking himself in his own attic in the middle of winter:

Phil Banks (Uncle Phil):

Uncle Phil had a stern but good core value when it came to raising his children and nephew. And the kids always knew that he would be there whenever they were in a crisis.

Daniel Hillard ( aka Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire)

When Daniel Hillard was court ordered not to see his kids anymore he went above and beyond to see them. Which include totally transforming himself into the lovely Mrs. Doubtfire!

Honorable mentions:

Fred Flintstone

Danny Tanner from Full House

Marlin the Fish from “Finding Nemo”

Mufasa from the Lion King

Until Next time!!!

2 thoughts on “Cool fictional dads!

  1. Good collection of TV dads. I’m showing my age, I grew up with Robert Brady, Herman Munster, Gomez Addams, and Darren Stevens.

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