Retro Work Outs!

Hello everyone! Every since I started staying at home more I have been revisiting or trying out new forms of working out! So instead of doing something old and boring I totally recommend these workouts for a change in your workout routine! Remember your personal limits in terms of working out and make sure you have a good pacing in exercising. Water breaks, proper stretching before any kind of intense workout and break when you need to when performing these or any kind of work outs.

Billy Blanks Tae Bo workouts:

So this was my go to workouts in high school. I would come home from school and pop in the DVD and start working out! This workout really focuses on a lot of punching, jumping jacks and kicking in intense short sequences.

Now if you do not want to go the DVD route for these work outs. Billy Blanks also have a YouTube channel that he frequently updates with new workouts.

Link is below to check it out:

Jane Fonda Workout Book and Workout:

This is one of my new ventures in working out. I believe that this was one of my most popular exercise workout video of the 80’s. Jane Fonda has different levels of her exercise workouts. A lot of them I have found through Youtube and I believe Night Flight has the original Jane Fonda work out.

Buns of Steel:

This has been the most difficult for me to finish! The workout mainly emphasis on the lower half of your body so there is a lot of legs in the air and holding it there while workout out. I haven’t yet to past the 20 minute mark of this one but I am determine to do one solid work out from this!

Link is below to start getting those buns of steel:

Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies:

This is the workout I am currently doing. It is so much fun because you are just dancing to great music. Plus I have been known to lack coordination so this workout has really helped me on that. Richard Simmons has his own Youtube Channel and there are tons of workout options to choose from.

Link is below to start sweating to the oldies:

Until Next time!

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