Old Nick shows: A Flashback!

Growing up I used to watch a LOT of TV. For a couple of years my TV viewing life revolved watching the Nickelodeon channel! That channel always was always a require daily channel to watch for me. I grew up in the era of neon Moon shoes ( Although I never got a pair but I did enjoy watching all of those cool 90’s toy commercials!):

And catchy jingles:

SNICK was my jam every Saturday night:

So I decided to share some of my go to shows during my golden era of the Nickelodeon channel:

Clarissa Explains it All:

Of course I adore this show! Anything that had my first name attached to it I was totally down in watching! I even begged my parents to have a ladder near my bedroom window so my friends can come through the window. ( They obliviously laughed in my face before saying a hard NO). Clarissa was always one of my idols growing up because she had the coolest fashion sense and the COOLEST ROOM!! And I always wanted that Clarissa Dr sign that was above her closet!

Are You Afraid of the Dark?:

So I never really found a lot of the episodes scary. However I immensely enjoyed the fact that a bunch of kids would meet in the middle of the woods in the darkness pitching the scariest stories they knew around a camp fire! I never really had a group of friends that wanted to do that so this was the alternative!

Salute Your Shorts:

I remember when I first started watching the show I thought it was a soap opera and not a teen show. I desperately wanted to go to summer camp after watching it because they seem to have sung there troubles always at nearly ever end of each episode:


I remember watching this show solely based on the title of it. I remember there was lot of talking heads and tiny feet and the town that was the center of it was called Weinerville.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete:

This is one of my favorite theme songs! This show was truly the definition of the 90s and I tried to revisit this show every couple of years to satisfy my inner child.

I will definitely do a part two series of this entry! What shows did you grow up with ? Comment below!

Until next time!!!

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