Lesser known Simpsons Characters… part 2!

This is a continuation of a previous blog post and there are going to be many ongoing parts to this section!:

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Funzo only appeared in one or two episodes in the Simpsons world. It was a toy created by Kid First Industries. Although Funzo looked cute and harmless:

The toy main intention was to knock out any other competing toys. When Lisa and Bart learn about Funzo alternate motivate they enlisted Homer and Gary Coleman to round up all of the Funzo toys that was given during the holiday season. Funzo was a parody of the popular Furby toy from 1998 that was made and produced by Tiger Toys.

Amber Dempsey:

When Homer Simpson signs up Lisa for the “Miss Little Springfield” pageant sponsored by Laramie Tobacco. One of her rival contests is the unbeatable beauty queen Amber Dempsey:

She is known for her wink and fluttering eyelashes that she may or may have not gotten an eyelash implant operation in Paraguay. She only appeared in one episode. Although I would be interested if they expanded more on this character’s background in future episodes.

Menthol Moose:

In the same episode that Amber was in is the Menthol Moose. He is the mascot of the Laramie Tobacco company, He is a parody of the Joe Camel ads from Camel Cigarettes:

With a homage of Bullwinkle the Moose:

Mr. McGreg:

One of Dr. Nick Riveria’s patients he only shows up in one episode for less then 20 seconds. Dr. Nick tries to play off Mr. Mcgreg’s obvious malpractice lawsuit due to a huge error that happen while getting operated on.

Margarita and Avery Deveraux:

Margarita only shows up in one episode. Marge Simpson’s favorite guilty pleasure is watching a soap opera called “Search for the Sun.” But she justify that she usually does housework so she doesn’t really catch up with the current story line. Even though she is able to fill Lisa everything that was currently happening on the show to that point. We briefly watch the soap and we see Margarita for the first and only time along with another lesser known character Avery Devereaux. He is Margarita’s boss who strongly comes on to her. Then fires her and then it gets a bit passionate until their is a breaking news report.

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