Movie of the Day: Dolly Dearest

Today’s movie of the day is Dolly Dearest (1991). Directed by Maria Lease. And starring Rip Torn, Denise Crosby and Sam Bottoms. It is about a family who moves to Mexico after the head of the household. Elliot Wade (played by Sam Bottoms) buys the Dolly Dearest rights and factory in Mexico.

However the factory is near a hidden Mayan tomb of a descendant of Satan. The archeologist who opened the tomb gets killed and unearths a demon spirit named Sanzia. The spirits inhabits the closest non human object it can find a Dolly Dearest. However the doll belongs to the daughter of Elliot Wade: Candace Wade.

And what turns from a girl and a her best friend instead becomes a little girl and a doll from HELL!

I grabbed this copy when Vinegar Syndrome had their half yearly sale. I didn’t know much about the movie but I am was impressed by the cover art so I took a chance.

I made sure to watch it in the same room as my haunted doll: Anita. Anita was a Christmas gift I got from a former co worker. Although the movie had it’s cheesy aspects I thought it was an overall good movie.

Some interesting facts about the movie:

This movie had a short run in Midwestern theaters before it went into video release.

A lot of people consider this movie to be in close relation to Child’s Play (1988).

Until next time!

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