Miss Piggy Fun Facts!

Miss Piggy has always been one of my favorite forever icons! She has always been an inspiration to me since I was little and watched my first Muppets shows. So I thought to write some interesting facts about this amazing and fashionable icon:

Miss Piggy made her TV debut in 1976 on the Muppet Show. She was part of the chorus line in the show. Times were hard for her during the first year of the show because she wore the same silver dress with purple gloves everyday:

She stood out of the chorus line due to her personality, her dance number of Temptation and her purple belt in karate. She was referred to Miss Piggy after that.

She is best known for starring in all of the Muppet movies. Her segments in the Muppets shows: “Pigs in Space” and “Veterinarian Hospital” made her a true TV icon:

Her first taste of stardom was when she won the Miss Bogen County beauty contest, and that is also the first time when she made a certain man of her dreams. Kermit the Frog:

Miss Piggy has written many get advice books, and cookbooks. She is also a New York Times best seller:

Miss Piggy’s talents include dancing (tap dancing, and ball room is her speciality), singing, swimming, modeling, being a spy, bending metal bars, and playing multiple instruments such as the the trombone and kazoo.

She was born near a butcher store in a random town. Even at a young age Miss Piggy wanted to live a city life with big city dreams and made a promise to herself to leave her small town life.

She ended up fulfilling that promise when she was a teenager. Especially after the death of her father and her relationship with her mother becoming more and more distant. The day after Miss Piggy graduated from charm school she got a job selling accessories at a department.

When times got tough for her she took some jobs modeling for bacon products ads.

Her birth date is unknown…..because she prefers it that way.

She has a dog named Foo-Foo:

And yes Foo-Foo is also a diva:

In Miss Piggy contract she demands the most wardrobe changes than any other actor in a movie, show, appearance that she is in. A lot of the best designers her made clothes and shoes for her. Such as Christian Louboutin:

Kate Spade:

And Jason Wu (just to name a few!)

In an interview with Today.com Miss Piggy shared some of her morning routine such as getting up in the middle of the afternoon, and eating chocolate for breakfast.

I will definitely do a separate blog post in the future about her relationship with Kermit the frog. But did any of the facts about Miss Piggy surprised you? What was your favorite one?

Until Next time!

Source: Muppet wiki, Today.com

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