Moonlight and Burgers: Sonny Eclipse

When I was little my family would often vacation at Disneyworld. My brother was very insisted that we go eat at the Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe for lunch. So when lunch time came we went inside and the first thing I heard is jazzy kind of music. I turned and saw this dinosaur looking thing playing the weirdest looking piano. I was so impressed by his skills that I made my family eat near him as I swayed with my burger in my hand to the music. And I tried very very hard to hum to the music he was playing.

As I was getting older I realize that his name is Sonny Eclipse and this animatronic lives inside Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland.

Sonny Eclipse may not be a well known Disney character because he only resides in the Cafe. But here are some facts about this outer space cool cat singer.

His set is 27 minutes long and he has such creative names for this songs such as “Yew York, Yew York”, “Planetary Boogie”, and “Bright Little Star.” His set include an invisible set of back up singers called “The Space Angels.” And like any lounge act his set includes bad jokes and heckles the audience. Here is a YouTube of his set:Sonny Esclipse Set

Sonny first debut at Cosmic Ray Starlight Cafe was in 1995 and he is from Yew Nork City that is located on the Planet Zork. He sings about his hometown in the song “Yew York,Yew York.”

Sonny is one the hardest working lounge singers at Disneyworld and is a main staple at the Cafe. So when he is removed for refurbishment reasons his absent is often noticeable.

Sonny plays on something called a “Astro-Organ” the keys light up when he plays so you know he works hard for the money.

Sonny had a family member that worked at Star Tours as a security guard in the spaceport customs department named Zzzzyxxx. But they rarely saw each other because Sonny was at Disneyworld and Zzzzyxxx was in Tokyo Disney.

Until next time!

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