Artist’s Spotlight: @Miss_callie_marie

This week’s artist’s spotlight is on @miss_callie_marie

  1. Tell me a little about yourself

“I am a 26 year old visual artist and makeup artist hailing from the Northeastern sector of Pennsylvania. I studied Special Effects Makeup under the Tom Savini Special Make-up Effects program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with aspirations to go back to school for Mortuary Sciences and Funeral Directing. I grew up with a love of 80’s metal and cheesy B-rated horror flicks, as well as a fascination with true crime and the more macabre areas in life. I have been featured in 2019’s “Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Beyond The Bizarre” book as well as publications in multiple magazines. As a hobby I collect taxidermy, oddities, religious antiques and am an avid reader always on the hunt for first editions.” 

2. What made you want to start your custom art business? 

“I first showcased my work at a RAW Artists show in Pittsburgh in June of 2014, the amount of love and support I received there from the vendors and patrons really made me want to continue to sell my work and try to peruse this as a side career. Fast forward 7 years and I have been consistently busy with my artwork between creating ready to ship items for my Etsy and custom commission work for clients. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with demand but it always makes me so happy seeing people hush about my work in reviews and/or social media posts.”
3. What movies or subjects Have inspired you in creating your customs pieces? 

“My work has its roots in the classic horror films and tv shows (The Universal Monsters, The Munsters, The Addams Family, etc). Currently a lot of my work is based on 80’s horror films and the aesthetic of autumn/Sam Hain.” 

Grandpa Munster

4. If you had to curate a  Top 5 movie list for the fall. What movies would be on your list and why?:

“Oh boy, this is one of the toughest questions I’ve been asked. My Top 5 Fall Movies list (in no particular order because I love these all dearly) is: 

Young Frankenstein

1. Young Frankenstein- it’s the perfect combination of slapstick comedy and horror to kick off spooky season with. 

Halloween III

2. Halloween III: Season of the Witch- Lets face it, Tom Atkins effing rules and who doesn’t get instant fall vibes with those killer masks?! Pun intended. 

Sleepy Hollow

3. Sleepy Hollow- the scenery and aesthetic of the film just SCREAM fall to me. It’s definitely one of my most watched flicks during the season. 

The Lost Boys

4. The Lost Boys- what’s not to love about leather wearing, motorcycle riding, Vampires? The 80’s boardwalk in Santa Carla AND Tim Cappello oiled up playing sax?! SIGN ME UP for one of the best late summer/early fall vibing flicks. 

Children of the Corn

5. Children of the Corn- Corn fields, creepy children in wide brimmed hats, and sacrifice. This movie is what fall is all about. “

5. Do you have any exciting news or promotions that you would like to share?

“I have some very exciting upcoming events and news that I can share! I’ll be vending at the 2020 NEPA Horror Film Fest as well as I’m in the running for the title of 2020’s Miss Spooky Scranton! On top of that I will be having a 10% off sale on my Etsy ( from November 1, 2020- November 10, 2020 with no coupon code needed! It’s a belated celebration of Samhain and the fall season as well as a great kick off to the Holiday season! I’ll also be announcing on my Instagram (@miss_callie_marie) a few available commission spots to get some spooky artwork to you lovely people in time for the holidays.” 

If you like to learn more about Callie Marie the following contact information is below:

Instagram: @miss_callie_marie

Esty store:

Thank you for the Interview!

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