Holiday Gift Giving Guide part 1!!

Hello everyone! This blog section will be in a couple of parts between now and December. So if you have a small business or know a small business that has one item that you think will be a good gift to give. And that you think it should be part of this section please do the following:

1. Email me:

2. Write two-three sentences about the store, and all the contact info about it.

3. Mention one item only, also include a picture of the item and the link for item.

4. Mention any kind of promotions that the store is having for the rest of the year if any.

5. Mention any shipping deadlines and/or any important details about the store.

That’s it! I will be accepting submissions for this section until December 14, 2020.

Now onto the gift giving guide!:

1. True heart Intuitive Tarot, Guide by the amazing Rachel True (@trueracheltrue ):

A couple of months ago Rachel True came out with this tarot card box set. This set reflects more her personal stance of tarot and how the each card in the tarot deck can have a different understanding for the person that it is being read for.

Link is below to purchase:

2. Cat Party Pet Portraits by Danielle Spires:

I came across @catpartypetportraits a month ago. Because it combines two of my favorite things: great retro looking portraits and animals. She has a studio in Los Angles, California (this gift giving idea is for people that live in LA and any close by that city) and her most popular package sessions are the Double Exposure Portrait and the Classic Session (with the option to add the Double Exposure with a Double Exposure).

When you book a session with Danielle you do have the option of having holiday props and/or holiday backdrops and she has added 3 new backdrops too.

To book a session link is below (also if you don’t feel comfortable going to her studio. She does have the option of coming to you if you are local to LA.):

3. Gumball Poodle:

I have been a fan of @gumballpoodle for the past three years and have many of their socks. My preferred style is the gym socks because they keep my feet warm. They are also unique in design and super comfortable. If you sign up to their mailing list you will get a discount code.

You also have the option of building your own gift box!!

Link for their website is below:

4. I heart Unicorns perfume by A Beautiful Life (Instagram account: @abl_brands ):

“I Heart Unicorns perfume by A Beautiful Life –The Original Cult!I Heart Unicorns is an ode to your teenage years, inspired by myth and the power of belief – Where Barbie dolls and blacklight posters co-existed in your boudoir. Bright notes of Lemon, Peppermint, and  Pomegranate are grounded by a  fresh, earthy base. Mystery swirls and surrounds with  Nag Champa and  Frankincense. It’s all bubblegum, bridles, and girly fantasy.”A heady mix of lemon, peppermint, and pomegranate, the scent was designed to evoke memories of the ’80s and ’90s, and somehow, it totally succeeds. ” – Nylon
Available in 1 oz ($28) or 2 oz ($52)

lady.cult followers can get 20% off during the month of November with discount code ‘lady.cult’ “

One of my greatest things to love is perfume. It’s hard for me to just have a signature scent because I wear perfume based on my mood. And I am more than just one mood so why should I just have one perfume?

Link is below to purchase and use this discount code lady.cult when you check out for 20% off!! :

5. @Chelseascreename :

Earlier this year I interviewed @chelseascreename . If you want to read it link is here:

You can buy her prints by dming her for her price list. She accepts payment through Venmo and PayPal. She is also running a special through her instagram account. If you buy a print of her art she will give you a small print with special code KALI

6. @levres_de_sang :

Fina Ruiz is a self-taught artist and has a brand called  Lèvres de Sang She makes one of a kind detachable collars that she sews, styles and creates are inspired by some of her favorite movies such as Suspiria and Rosemary’s Baby. She also does custom orders as well!

Link for her site is here:

Her store offers international shipping and is nice enough to currently offer a discount code for my readers!

Use Promo code: LADYCULT for 25% off your order. Limit one code per customer and not valid on custom orders.

Link to purchase the detachable collar that is pictured above is here:

7. Night Flight Plus:

I am such a huge fan of Night Flight, and their programming!! It always fulfills my need to watch some amazing retro tv content. I am always learning something new from their channel. Whether it’s a show, movie I haven’t seen or listening to some great music.

Link is below to purchase a subscription:

8. Greenwich Letterpress is an AMAZING store that sells greeting cards, cute gifts and does letterprint pressings. The store opened in 2005 and is owned by two sisters Beth Salvini and Amy Salvini Swanson. The store is located in New York City with limited hours ( I would recommend to check their website of their hours of operation or just shop directly there: ). They are one of the main sources of where I buy my cards that I have been mailing out to people. Recently they just release their Holiday cards and these caught my eye:

Link to buy is here:

Link to buy is here:

They have a wide selection of all kinds of cards for any occasion and always have new items constantly. Link to their website is below:

9. BLOW ME BAG by @magicsociety

Nicole is the creator and owner of Magic Society ( I also interview her on this blog. Link is here to read: It is an online store that has the most creative wears and accessories. (I already have a wish list of all of her clown related stuff she made!!). However this crossbody bag sparked my interest. It is for the person who has that unique flair to their fashion taste. Her store offers a discount when you sign up to the mailing list.

Link to buy the bag is here:

Link to the store is here:

10. Gift Horse Nashville: Fun Haus Acrylic Studs:

Gift Horse Nashville is another main source where I buy my cards from. I found about them through their Instagram page: @gifthorsenashville and was impressed by their feed to check out their website: and saw that they sell GOLDEN GIRLS earrings and was immediately hook! This store opened in 2016 and is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is owned by Jessica Maloan Vastagh and her husband Andy Vastagh. The store has limited hours so I recommend checking out their website for more info or directly shopping from there.

One of their best selling items are these Acrylic Studs by Each to Own. Link to buy them are here:

Link to shop on their website or to learn more about them is here:

11. @tenthdimensionartcollective – The Bride giant size 3″ glow in the dark pin:

Tenth Dimension Art Collective makes amazing pins and this Bride of Frankenstein one it awesome because it glows in the dark!

Link to buy this pin is here:

Use the promo code: HELLIDAYS to get 15% off on their cartel website:

OR their Esty website:

with every purchase from their store you will randomly get a sticker or button!

So that is part one of this Holiday Idea Gift Giving Guide. There will be other parts to this and if your business or item was not mention in this part please email me and follow the instructions in the beginning of this blog post!

Also please remember that a selfless gift is to be kind to each other, and support others when you can. It costs nothing but to me it is one of the richest feelings in the world!

Part Two will be next Friday!

Until Next time!!!

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