Great small Businesses: @chelseascreename !

This is a new section of my blog where I interviewed some great small businesses. My first interview is with: @chelseascreename

tiger man adj 10x20 JPG RIGHT SIDE UP


  1. Tell me a little about your business. (Be as descriptive as possible)
    “I sell original prints (and recently cellphone cases) off my Instagram and through vendor markets.
    i survived covid adj 11x14
    Since Covid19 I’ve been relying on virtual markets and sales through Instagram and had a more exposure by being more aggressive by promoting myself online through interviews and collaborations. But it’s been a bit of a setback with the hard restrictions in Austin, most of my vendor events have been canceled until the following year. Although I’ve gained some attention with my works that have COVID19 as a subject, I don’t have a set date to work back into markets, it’s all been online sales. “
    2. What kind of movies and/or shows you have been watching that inspire you to make your art?
    “The original inspiration or ‘spark’ came from 80s VHS horror covers and pursuing the shelves of the horror section of my local video store when I was growing up. fruit juicy kinds adj 10x20 JPG
    I watch a lot of cult movies that inspire me. I like anything that has horror elements but isn’t straight up horror. Just like my art, stuff that has horror elements, but isn’t too “on the nose”.  So those creepy Kitschy 1960s shows like The munsters, the Adams family, bewitched Ive used as cultural reference in making artwork that I describe as “new kitsch” or “creepy kitsch” because it could be part of the set design of a black and white haunted house picture or tv show.
    I also like exploitation films or documentaries about serial killers or cults so that’s found a way into my art as well.
    Of course Twin Peaks has always been an influence and the mythology of Laura Palmer as the tragic female.
    I like following accounts like retro cult because they remind me of things that I can go back to and use as inspiration for artwork, things I might have seen and forgotten about when I was a kid or take me down a rabbit hole of media that is visually compelling or kitschy/campy that I never saw before. ” girl with fangs adj JPG
    3. What made you decide on this kind of art medium vs. an other?

    “I think as I can’t draw and the turnaround for making my ideas into something tangible is fast, collage artwork is the best fit. It’s like putting puzzle pieces together to find the right images to tell a certain story. ”

    4. What is a fact that not a lot of people know about you?

    “I lived and worked in Tokyo for 3 years “
    5. Do you have any exciting news or promotions about your business that you would like to share?
    “I will be showcased on oddities and curiosities YouTube on Tuesday June 2nd for an interview.
    You can also learn more about my process on the podcast ATX SOCIAL
    My prints are $30 plus $10 for shipping, all prints are posted on my instagram at @chelseascreename.
    Payment is through Venmo.
    If you like my stuff, or even just a particular piece, a follow or a share and tagging me on instagram helps out my small business a lot in terms of exposure.  “
    cross antlers bullets and butterflies JPG

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