Pirate of the Caribbean: the Ride!

Hello everyone! I thought to share some random facts about one of my favorite Disney world rides:


The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride! I remember the first time I went on this ride I was about five years old. And the small little drop in the beginning of the ride always makes me a little bit nervous! But I always enjoy this ride and it is always the first two rides I want to go on when I get to the park.

This is a staple ride in most of the Disney parks. They have the ride in Disneyland, Magic Kingdom (opened on December 15, 1973), Tokyo Disneyland (opened on April 15, 1983), Disneyland Park in Paris (opened on April 12, 1992), and Shanghai Disneyland.

Disneyland first had this ride and it opened on March 16, 1967 in California.

This was the last ride that Walt Disney was involved in before this death in December 1966. He was heavily involved in the designing process of the ride.

They wanted this ride to be a walk-thru wax museum. The final decision that made the ride into a boat ride was due to the success of it’s a small world ride. Walt Disney notice the success of that ride from the 1964 New York World Fair. And decided to employ the same boat ride system with the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

There is more then one hundred twenty sound animatronics on this ride.

It cost almost eight million dollars to create this ride. 

The song “Yo-Ho A Pirate’s life for Me” was written by Xavier Atencio and George Bruns. It is one of my many favorite theme park rides songs! 



When Walt Disney asked Xavier (pictured above) to write the song he had never written a song at that point. 

Voice actor Thurl Ravenscroft (1914-2005) did the audio for the animatronics for the person who is hanging on the lamppost and for the minstrel playing the accordion. You may recognized his voice as being the voice of Tony the Tiger:


Another voice actor named Paul Fress who voiced the auctioneer in the ride was also the voice of the Pillsbury Doughboy:


When they were making the park in Florida they originally did not want to have the ride there. Due to the fact that Florida has a bunch of historic pirate orientated locations in the state. They were planning make a “wild west river boat ride”


instead called the “Western River Expedition.” However the idea was nixed because people who had went to Disneyland or have heard about the Pirates ride were asking about it. So Disney listened the demands of the people and went ahead and made the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the Magic Kingdom. I cannot imagine the pirates of the Caribbean ride not being in Florida. Although sometimes I do wonder what the “western river expedition” ride would of been. Thankfully I have this Yesterworld video to refer to:


What other rides do you want me to write about? 

Were you surprised of any of the information above? 

Comment below! 


Until Next time!

Source: wikipedia 

3 thoughts on “Pirate of the Caribbean: the Ride!

  1. This was fascinating. Also one of my favorite rides! If you’re doing more Disney, I’d love to learn more about the Pan Am “if we had wings” ride, wedway people mover and carousel of progress. Love your IG account too.

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