The Case of the Rain Man

It is no surprised that I am a huge fan of the show Unsolved Mysteries. I have written about this show various times in past blog posts. But a lot of the cases they profiled is forever ingrain in my mind. One I have been thinking a lot about is “Rain Man.”

Rain Man (Season 5: Episode 18). This segment first aired on February 10, 1993.

On February 24, 1983 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The grandfather of Don Decker had past away and a funeral was being held that day. Don was paying his respects to his deceased family member knowing that this particular family member did abusive things to him since he was a young boy. Don Decker was on an approved time off from jail (he was doing time for knowingly accepting stolen merchandise, and he was sentenced to serve between 4 to 12 months in jail) due to the family member’s death. So he had a couple of days out from this jail sentence to go to this funeral. Don claimed that when he saw his grandfather in his coffin that the worst “evil” was finally out of his life and that he can movie on from it. However there was a verbal disagreement between him and his parents over his grandfather. His parents were pumping up his grandfather’s legacy and Don was not having any of that and was very angry at his parents. That resulted in Don staying with his friends after the funeral. And it was during that night of the funeral an unexplained event took place.

His friends he was staying with was a couple named Bob and Jean Keiffer. The couple noticed that water was coming out of their walls in the living room when Don was in there. Both super confused and concerned they automatically notified their landlord of the house. When the landlord arrived he was as equally confused by the amounts of water coming into the house because their are no pipes along those walls. Also the water was only entering the living room and no where else. The water was falling towards a downward direction, sideways and through the floor of the living room. It literally looked like it was raining in the Keiffer’s living room and Don was physically in the middle of it. They had no idea where the source of the water was coming from. Don claimed that he went into a spell like trance when he started to rehash all of the trauma with his grandfather in his mind before the water began to drip down.

. With everyone in that space during the unexplained event occurred they decided to call the police. The police came inside the house and they had no clue and left to report the unexplained occurrence they witnessed to their boss. However their boss believe it was a hoax made by Don and the Kieffers.

He also refused to accept the report that his two colleagues made about it. Even though they made go to the house to witness the unexplained event he just sized it up as a issue with the house’s pipes.

Hungry and confused Don Deck and the Kieffer decided to leave the house to eat at a local diner. The landlord who was still in the house when they left claimed that the rain stopped when those 3 left the house.

Hunger and tried they went to a diner to eat that was close to the house and talked to the owner who was their friend a woman called Pam. Pam knew of the situation that happen in the house when they talked earlier but while Don and the couple were inside Pam notice Don acting weird. That is when the rain started inside the diner and Pam came to the conclusion that it was Don that was making it rain.

Pam was almost certain that Don was being possessed by the devil and attempted to put a cross on him. Don then claimed that the cross was burning him and it turned a solid black color. She also suggested that a priest should either perform an exorcism on Don or bless the house that the first unexplained rain fall began. Don came to realized that maybe he was performing this unexplained event somehow but couldn’t explain how he was doing this. The couple was getting very frustrated at Don and placed blame on him that is when more weird stuff started happening such as Don was levitating, things were falling off their fixtures and finally Don flew and landed hard on the floor while he was levitating.

On the final night that Don stayed with the Kieffers before he had to report back to serve the rest of his jail sentence. A priest was brought into the Kieffer’s house so an exorcism could be preformed on Don. Witnesses of the exorcism that was perform said that they saw Don contorting in an extreme manner and the house feel a sense of calm after everything was done. After that it seem like everything went back to normal and there was no unexplained rain that happen inside the residence again. Don never experienced anything like that again.

What do you think happened? Comment below! Also if their were any other weird cases that you saw on the show let me know!

Until next time!!

Source: unsolved mysteries wiki,

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