Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah-AH!!!

I have been watching the Jetsons ever since I can remember. I really thought we would be driving in saucer like cars with a glass dome on top but atlas maybe it might take another decade for that to happen.

One song that I still sing randomly out loud to this day is “Eep, Opp Ork, Ah-Ah!” that was on this space age cartoon and sung by a dreamy cartoon name Jet Screamer.

This episode called “A Date with Jet Screamer” premiered on ABC on September 30, 1962. This episode centers on Judy Jetson who is entering a contest for a chance to go out with a date with the cartoon pop star.

The contest is that you have to write a song which Judy does and Jet will sing it live on his show called “The Jet Screamer Show.” Which is the only time we see that show is on that Jetson’s episode. But Judy is a bit crafty with her song lyrics. She ends up writing a song called “Eep, Opp, Ork, AH-AH!” which is code for meet me tonight. The other lyrics in the song was kind of risky for a children’s cartoon. And I never really looked into them until I was much older.

Some of the lyrics from the song:

“Eep! (eep!), Opp! (opp!), Ork! (ork!) Ah-ah! (ah-ah!). Get in this capsule baby. We are blasting off! Eep, opp, ork ah-ah, eep, opp, ork ah-ah-, eep, opp ork ah-ah And that means I love you. Yeah I read my baby loud and clear, (eep, opp, ork,ah-ah) She just said I love you dear. (eep, opp, ork ah-ah) Now when I reply that way I do, (eep, opp ork ah-ah) I just said I love you too. Eep, opp ork ah-ah, eep, opp, ork ah-ah, eep opp, ork, ah-ah, eep, opp, ork, ah-ah, And that means I love you. You heard the word. That crazy word. That word you heard. Eep, opp, ork, means I love you. Hop on baby. I’ll put you in orbit.”

Some fun facts about the song: There have been some comparisons of the cartoon Jet Screamer to Elvis, Frankie Avalon and other male teen idols of the time.

The Violent Femmes did a cover of this song for an album called “Saturday Morning Cartoons greatest hits. I actually bought this when I was little and played the CD so many times that I made a clear hole in it.

Until next time!

Source: Jetsons wiki , youtube

3 thoughts on “Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah-AH!!!

  1. OK — the voice of Jet Screamer was that of Howard Morris. Humm, have I heard that name/voice before? Yes, if you saw The Andy Griffith Show, in which he was — Earnest T. Bass! He was also a player with Sid Caesar in a famous take-off of “This is your Life” in which he either played, or named the main character — “Uncle Goopy” Take a look at the list of names he did in cartoons, as well as all the characters he played in TV. He died in 2005, at the age of 85. A multi-multi talented person!

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