Weird but Memorable Movies

My adoration of weird movies runs deep. Here are four movie titles that I think would fall into this category.

The Fan (Der Fan) (1982): directed by Eckhart Schmidt and starring Desiree Nosbusch and Bodo Staiger. I watched this movie around 2012 by a random article I saw. The movie centrals around a teenager named Simone who is a literal die hard fan of a singer that goes by an alias called “R”.

Nothing else in her world matters. Not school, not friendships or her parents. Simone has a one track mind and it is all on “R”. She finally goes her chance to meet her idol however it is not like she imagined.

Fun fact about this movie: I recommend this movie for any fans of European during the 80’s decade.

Little Oak (aka Greedy Guts or Otesanek) (2000)- Jan Svankmajer. Starring Veronika Zilkova, and Jan Hartl. Director Jan Svankmajer is truly a unique director. I feel like once you watch one of his shorts it linger in your mind way after you watch it.

This movie is about a couple who wants a baby but is having an extremely hard time conceiving one. The couple buys a house in the woods and find a tree stump that resembles a shape of a baby. It clicks in their mind to treat the stump like a baby and by steer magic it become real. However their tree stump baby become a true nightmare.

Fun fact about this movie: The plot of this movie comes from a Czech fairy tale called Otesanek.

Society (1989) directed by Brian Yunza and starring Billy Warlock, and Concetta D’Agnese.

I truly cannot talk about this movie enough. I have written about this movie a couple of times and I am always recommending it to others who want a change of pace to their movie routines. It is about a guy named Billy who always got weird vibes about his family. Like something was off about them and he could not put his finger on it. But the more Billy investigates into his gut feeling about his family the more of a nightmare it becomes!!

Fun fact about this movie: The movie only took five weeks to shoot.

Frankenhooker (1990) directed by Frank Henenlotter and starring James Lorniz and Patty Mullen. There are many many different takes on the classic Frankenstein story by Mary Shelley. This movie is probably my top interpretation of it. James Lorniz plays Jeffrey Franken a power plant worker and happens to dabble as a bioelectrical scientist. His life feels complete until there was horrible accident at his fiancee dad’s birthday party. The very same gift he got his future father in law (an automatic lawnmower) kills his fiancee!!! Heartbroken Jeffrey believes that he can bring her back to life. However he must come to terms that she is really not the same person that she was alive.

Fun Fact about this movie: It took 12 years to finish this movie.

What movies would you add to this list?

Comment below!

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Sources: Wikipedia and IMDB

2 thoughts on “Weird but Memorable Movies

  1. Great post! I’m intrigued by Little Oak (aka Greedy Guts or Otesanek). At first I was like, oh what a cute story, but the fact that it takes a nightmarish turn is what makes me want to watch it. Thank you for all these excellent recommendations!

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