Dear Clarissa…..

Dear Self:

This has been a whirlwind of the past three weeks. You have worked with one of the most abrasive people you have yet to work with. Why is it so hard for you to find a environment that reflects growth, community, follow through. and responsibility? I know it will happen but there are still many lessons you must go through in order to be a better self. I am glad you stood for yourself. Like making sure you were to take at least a 20 min break for lunch during an eight hour work day even though the manager did not allow it. Simply because she did not take a breaks. She wanted it to be dictated for everyone else in the office. Remember the lack of her explanations, follow through, wanting to help out to her support team. Showed some amount of caring for her team like a true boss she was supposed to be but was the complete opposite. Showed you such an example of how not to be in a work place in order to grow and be an overall good person. Remember how unconformable it was for you to hear her yelling at husband and then slamming down her phone while you were sitting at the desk next to her? It was a constant reminded you never wanted that in your personal life and never be accepting of that kind of behavior in a work place! I understand that the business have been a long lasting 43 years old business. But was it a good one? Are the memories solid or couldn’t you tell how overwork, overstressed this woman seemed to be and will probably continue to be. With a lack of family support for a family owned business it seems like a waste of time to keep turning the same wheel. I am glad you saw clear signs of this woman’s lack of want to help other succeed in her business. Like leaving early in the afternoons like the building was on fire. constantly pawing off her own responsibilities and yelling at you while you were talking to her clients over the phone, the lack of her learning technology. The fact that you were left handed and being angry because you couldn’t use a ring sided binder . Her frustration and prejudices was deep towards you for the smallest things but keep in mind that she probably be the best that she will ever do. She will reflect back on those years as being burnt out. You are worth more than the three weeks that you work there. You will find that place that will have you grow and promotes growth. Thank you for for going through this experience. It made you tougher, wiser, and not to settle for lower than your worth.

Love, Clarissa

4 thoughts on “Dear Clarissa…..

  1. We need to go through these crap experiences to determine what it is we don’t want in our workplace / business. Great write up, Clarissa!


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