My summer of podcasts: 2021 version

This summer I made a promise to myself to read more and to listen to more podcasts. So in the spirit of keeping true to my word to myself. I decided to share some of my regular and new rotation of some podcasts that I have been listening to.

There is no mystery that when it was announced last year that there was going to be a podcast version of the show. I was totally more than ready and counting down the days for the first podcast. There are new podcasts every Wednesday my only complaint about the podcasts is that I wish they were longer! Most of the run times for the podcast are between 30-37 mins.

Link for more info is below:

I started following @everyoutfitonsatc at the end of December 2020. I really like their humor and take on the fashion and pop culture world. They announced in February 2021 that they started a podcast but I didn’t start listening to the podcast until after my surgery. When I needed a pick me up during my recovery time frame and omg it really did fill in my requirement for it.

Link for more info about the podcast is here:

Main website is here:

I Saw What You Did is a podcast by Danielle Henderson and Millie De Chirico. They bring such humor and wit to a lot of movies and genres that are not really discussed on a mainstream level. I definitely know for some of the podcasts of theirs that I listened to. I made a list of movies that I needed to watch because they were so passionate about it or that I never heard of and decided that I needed to expend my movie watch pool.

Link is below for the podcast:

Website is here:

I just finished this podcast last month. It was recommended to my by a friend (thank you Marty!:) ). And it talks about the rise and fall of the Chippendales brand with a mix of true crime. I remember Chippendales when I was little. The first time I saw the Chippendale dancers was on Donahue .

But I didn’t know the full extent of the brand and the business behind it. This podcast covers everything about the brand and if you are on instagram there ig has tons of archival footage and fun info about the Chippendales history that makes a great companion while you are listening to the series.

Instagram: @chippendalesrevealed

This is a new podcast that just started and I am halfway through their first podcast about “My big Fast Greek Wedding” and I’m loving it so far!

Link to listen is here:

What podcasts are you planning to dive into this summer?

Comment below!

Until next time!!

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