My birthday month: A reflection

Hello everyone!

Just a quick personal update about myself. A couple of things: I just finished up my last class in September in order to obtain my Office Assistant certification.

I cannot believe that it is already October! I always feel like that the last couple of months of the year go by the fastest. This year was no exception before I knew it October had entered like a hurricane!

I started working at a new full time job in late August and enjoy the people I work with! Hi new people!!

With October being here also comes two important events: MY BIRTHDAY AND HALLOWEEN!!!!

So with that combination I will be doing 3 giveaways this month. The first one will be announced later this week.

I am not going to lie but this year has been the most stressful and draining year so far. So my best advice is just take each day as it comes.

Thank you guys for your support!


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