Great small businesses: @_jstyleforthesoul_ !

This week I interviewed a great small business @_jstyleforthesoul_ !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“Hey I’m Jonathan, and a little bit about me is that I’m from Maryland and I come from Salvadoran and Honduran heritage. I am very artistic and outgoing, so I love expressing myself through clothes. When I’m not styling someone I’ll usually be reading current events, or just trying out new recipes I see on my Instagram feed.”

2. What made you interested in pursuing a career in fashion?

“Well, getting into fashion was really an interesting journey for me. I always wanted to study law because I wanted to make a difference in the communities around me, so when I was doing paralegal studies I took a job at Anthropologie and Co. at Georgetown and after about two years of working in their home and apparel departments as a Senior Customer Associate I fell in love with all the creative fashion I saw and the way people dressed and I’ve stayed in fashion ever since.”

3. What fall fashion trends have you noticed for this season, and which trends do you support?

” Fashion trends I’ve noticed recently for this upcoming fall have been Sherpa, vintage graphic tees and straight leg denim. One of the  trends I’m absolutely loving is this prep trend, where it’s straight leg denim, graphic tee and a  blazer, I think you can always dress it down by removing the jacket and then just go out for a night on the town by placing the blazer over the outfit and adding a cute neck scarf as an accessory.

One of the trends I’m currently not in love with right now is the oversized lug sole, as much as I do love lug soles, when they are made too big they can overpower outfits and be very heavy to wear. “

4. If you could dress any three pop culture icons (alive or dead). Who would you pick and why?

“If I could dress three people I would dress: Gabrielle Chanel, Rihanna and Jin from BTS.

I would dress Gabrielle, because of her strong sense of style and she would definitely be very opinionated when I pull out looks for her which is great and would allow me to curate looks.

For Chanel: I probably would introduce her to suits with shoulder padding just because they are so tailored and give a very good look, and I’d definitely introduce her leather blazers knowing how tailoring and clean and comfortable style is a key for Chanel. 

Rihanna just because throughout the years she always pulls off great outfits that are thought out and have a story behind it so I would want to curate that story for her.

For Rihanna: since she has a great sense of fashion I’d want to dress her in an outfit that inspires beauty and elegance, I’d put her in a blush gown with crystal embroidered floral print. Shine bright like a diamond!

For Jin:

And finally Jin from BTS because his style is very clean but when shooting videos he has very colorful and tailored looks.  I’d dress him in slim black trousers, a comme de garçon blue and white stripe dress shirt with a long graphite colored trench coat with chain detailing on his coat and pants to give him a cool urban tailored look.

4. How does one book a styling appointment with you?

” So the process of booking an appointment with me is fairly easy, you can either access my stylist storefront:

And from there once I confirm a date, I generally will email or text a set of questions regarding their style preferences, colors and their goal for this appointment.

The day before the appointment I will pull out styles and sizes based on their needs and I will then go forth and begin creating outfits and looks the night prior. Generally I’ll have 15-20 items pulled before an appointment.

The day of the appointment I’ll send out a text and meet my client by the entrance and then have a small chat and let them browse for a bit before entering their room.

When I enter them into their fitting room, I explain each outfit and show the styling for each look including accessories and shoes that can be worn for a more personal touch.

And from there I work with whatever sizing or other suggestions I can provide.”

5. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into the fashion business?

“For anyone that is looking to get into the fashion stylist industry, no matter who you are the best thing you can do is be you! I think a lot of people have a misconception of stylists being sales people, although it is our job to sell, my main job is to make you feel comfortable and happy with what you wear. So if you are honest, have an eye for detail and love working with people you’ll do great!

If you like to get in contact with Jonathan. The following contact information is :

note that actual number to contact him for an appointment would be this number:  917-903-4385

This is his storefront link:

This is his instagram: @_jstyleforthesoul_

Thank you so much for the interview!

Until next time!

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