“have yourself a Merry little…ahhhh!!!”

Hello everyone !

How is everyone’s holiday season going so far? Mine is going pretty quickly and it is almost like I don’t really feel like it’s the holiday season? The only reminder that it is the holidays is the constant 24/7 holiday music that has been playing everywhere.

Some of my staple Christmas tunes are:

Billy Squier- Christmas is the Time to Say I love You

Wham!- Last Christmas:

Wizzard- I Wish It Could be Christmas Everyday:

Sparks: Thank God It’s Not Christmas:

And finally. Dolly Parton- Hard Candy Christmas:

I hope everyone is enjoy my interview portion of my blog. I am so happy when I am able to highlight an amazing people and their work. I will come back to regular posting in January but I just wanted to touch base with everyone.

Some things I have been watching lately and listening to:

Pen15 ( it is truly like reliving my awkward and funny pre-teen years):

One of my favorite directors Lina Wertmuller has passed away today so I’ll be re watching a lot of her amazing films. One of my many many favorites of hers is a movie called Ciao, Professore!

Not Another True Crime Podcast:

This is your latest go to update on true crime but without the seriousness to it. I found about about this podcast last summer and have been listening every week ever since.

Link is here for more info: https://betches.com/podcast-channel/not-another-true-crime/

I recently did a secret santa wish list exchange (thank you Corey!) and asked for this puzzle from Piecework puzzles. They are my favorite puzzle line because they have such unique and challenging puzzles that will probably give your mind a good workout.

I want to get back into the habit of reading actually books closer to the holiday season. I have been immersed in the land of the audio books. So it will be nice to actually cozy up to a good hardback or paperback book to read around my Christmas tree. So any new book recommends on history or true crime please share!

Overall please keep in mind that this season is stressful for everyone. So take the time to be kind to yourself and to others. Even a phone call or a text to friends near or far (or both) can be the greatest gift of all.

Until next time!!


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