Welcome to the Insta-hood: @shelleyduvallxo!

this week I interviewed @shelleyduvallxo !

  1. Tell me about yourself:
Me in one of my many Shelley shirts. 

“I’m Sarah, behind the @shelleyduvallxo Instagram and Tik Tok account! I’m currently a senior in college in Boston, MA studying journalism! I’m graduating so soon and I’m clueless about what I want to do post-college, which is slightly exciting, yet nerve-wracking. But running my Shelley fan page has been a fun hobby of mine even if I’m quickly posting from the train or in the middle of class, I love connecting with so many fellow Shelley fans over my posts & stories. Even if I’ve had a bad day, watching anything Shelley is what brings me joy. Aside from my love of Shelley, I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan / Swiftie and I also dedicate my life to her. I also enjoy reading all day and every day, I love country music and I’m an avid horror music lover. I also grew up with many rabbits and now I have my own pet rabbit, Millie – named after Shelley’s character in 3 Women of course. My personal IG account is @sarlukowski if you ever want to follow me along on there.”

Shelley with a letter I sent and a photo of my tattoo, October 2021

2. What made you interested in creating a Shelley Duvall fan page?

“I originally became a fan of Shelley in 2016 after watching The Shining for the first time. I unfortunately never grew up watching Faerie Tale Theatre or knew of her prior to watching Shining on a random whim, but after watching Shining I immediately became enthralled by her unique looks and her eccentric personality and had to Google search her. From there I had a steady fascination with her life & career and would watch some of her movies from time to time, but it wasn’t until the beautifully done and humanizing 2021 Hollywood Reporter article that I fell even more in love with her. I had it in the back of my mind to make a fan page for Shelley, but that article definitely pushed me to make an account even more, so I did make one in March 2021. 

My main reason for creating @shelleyduvallxo, was so that it would be my own personal, niche hobby to find out more about Shelley while also posting daily pictures and videos beyond harmful rumors and what toxic tabloid articles write about her. A lot of people like to dwell on her mistreatment in The Shining, but she’s so much more than that. Through my fan page, I have learned so much about Shelley’s career, which I didn’t know before. For example, she was a pioneer in children’s cable TV programming and FTT was even the first original show on Showtime and she was an incredibly smart businesswoman overall. Even a year into my fan page, I still discover new things about her and even uncover photoshoots I’ve never seen before!

Some of my Shelley collection –mostly bought secondhand such as on eBay.

I’ve been deep into eBay trying to find all things Shelley for my account and to add to my fan page. I will never stop my research even if I’m piled up with homework. There is so much to Shelley and even though life hasn’t treated her too kindly in recent years, I am so glad that I can spread the love and appreciation for her on the internet while still offering her the privacy she needs! And I’ve connected with so many fans that I never thought possible – there IS a thriving fan base for her online and I’m pleased I can facilitate that in my growing fan page.”

3. What are your top 3 favorite movies of hers? Why are they your favorite?

“This question can be difficult because I love them all even the wacky, kid’s movies she was in in the 1990s and early 2000s. But 3 Women, Nashville, and The Shining are my top favorites, although it fluctuates with my mood and with the seasons. 

3 Women– 3 Women is a movie I watched for the first time only about a year ago when I first created my account. But I quickly fell in love with it for the hazy desert atmosphere, dreamy pastels, and effortless yet strange performances by Shelley, Sissy & Janice Rule. So many different ways you can interpret it and I still find new details when each time I watch it. I closely relate to Shelley’s character in this movie as someone who kind of observes everyone from the outside and is very talkative – this movie is relatable too because I also want to be Shelley just like Pinky. Shelley’s yellow fashion is my inspo for this summer. 

Nashville– As a fan of country music and Shelley, Nashville is the perfect movie for me. I don’t watch it too often since it’s lengthy, but Altman perfectly captures this large cast of characters trying to make it in Music City. Shelley is stellar as always, but this time as groupie LA Joan in her short shorts and crop top and that big afro. She’s so mesmerizing. 

The Shining– Of course, I have to mention The Shining, it’s how I first discovered her. I won’t get too into it, but Shelley’s performance as Wendy Torrance is at the emotional, heart of that movie. She’s phenomenal as always in showing her terror. Even if it was difficult for her to film, no one else could have done it better! Her performance should be valued more and held to the same level as Jack Nicholson’s. “

4. What is a random fact that not a lot of people know about you?

My Shelley-inspired tattoo, August 2021.

“I do in fact have a Shelley Duvall tattoo that I got done by NYC tattoo artist Chris Cutthroat in August 2021. I happened to come across Chris’s Shelley flash tattoo on Instagram and had to get it on me forever. The tattoo is inspired by Shelley’s Brewster McCloud photoshoot – with her stringy dark hair and big Twiggy lower lashes. I love having it on me and staring at it all day, even if some people like to comment on it asking if it’s of me or Lady Gaga. But I’m excited for the warmer months because I can show it off again. And Shelley herself even knows about my tattoo and loves it – although I didn’t need that validation it’s nice to have her appreciation in return.”

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

” I’ve been helping out with the Shelley Duvall podcast, Texas Twiggy, since September 2021, and it has finally been out for a few weeks! There are 11 episodes overall and a new one drops every Wednesday. I did the research for the podcast, but my friend Emma is the creator, producer, and 

narrator and she does such a beautiful job detailing Shelley’s career and also uncovering Shelley’s life, but with the utmost respect and concern for her privacy. When I first started my fan page I never thought I would be working for a podcast dedicated to Shelley, but helping with Texas Twiggy research actually validated my obsession and made me feel sane. Episodes can be streamed on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else where you can listen to podcasts. Even if you’re not a Shelley fan, you can start by listening to Texas Twiggy 😉 

The magnet and pin I have for sale on my Etsy.

I’m also selling Shelley pins, magnets, and stickers on my Etsy so you can show off your love for Shelley https://www.etsy.com/shop/sarlukowski?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=1196267428&load_webview=1&bid=twCCQufGTHS8XoWYGIdYHUXAtMdC

If you like more information about Sarah. The following contact information is below:

Instagram: @shelleyduvallxo


Email: sarlukowski@gmail.com



One thought on “Welcome to the Insta-hood: @shelleyduvallxo!

  1. Splendid read! I grew up watching Shelley Duvall in The Shining (thanks, big brother!) and Popeye – I loved how she moved and looked in that movie!

    Thanks for this interview, Clarissa! Now, I want to watch the 3 movies Sarah had recommended!

    It warms my heart knowing how some past actors and actresses get discovered by a younger generation. And their body of work is brought into the spotlight once again!

    Have a splendid week!

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