“Ain’t nothin’ wrong her. She just loves eggs, s’all.”- Pink Flamingos Movie Facts!

In celebration of the upcoming Criterion Collection release of Pink Flamingos in late June:

I wanted to share from movie facts about the film!

The film debut on March 17,1972 at the Baltimore Film Festival. The movie was gaining a lot of buzz because John Waters previously release another film Multiple Maniacs

The movie has been banned in the following countries: Australia, Switzerland, and some parts of Canada and Norway.

Divine was arrested for shop lifting during the making of the movie but he said it was because he was trying to do method and it was part of his character.

John Waters does the narration of his film. He was trying to mimic a popular local celebrity named “Mr. Ray.”

John Waters wanted to do a sequel to Pink Flamingos called “Flamingoes Forever.” However with the deaths of Edith Massey and Divine he changed his mind.:

The dog poop eating scene at the end of the final was real and Divine’s reaction to it was 100% authentic. After the scene was wrapped he would call John and asked him relentlessly if he could be pensioned by what he ate. John Waters stated that when Divine ate the poop it turned him into a star.

Mink Stole and David Lochary dyed their own hair. Although David Lochary color his hair with a magic marker.

Fun Fact this poster is what sparked my small 7 year old mind into watching Pink Flamingos:

The famous trailer home of Babs Johnson was bought for $50 dollars at a junkyard.

And lastly and I am personally proud of this one!

In 2021 the United States National Film Registry from the Library of Congress selected Pink Flamingos to part of a preservation process and become part of there library. The goal of the Film Registry is to recognize American Films that are “diverse and showcase the range of American Film.”

If you like to learn more about the program the link is here:


Here is a trailer of the movie:

Until next time!!!

Source: IMDB.com and youtube

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