Great Small Businesses: @adelemildred!

This week I interviewed: @adelemildred !

  1. What made you interested in making eyewear?

“I fell into it actually; I didn’t set out to be an eyewear designer… 

I studied fashion and dressmaking and translated that into millinery 15 years ago. Back then I didn’t really think about accessories beyond headwear until I got my hands on a vintage pair of Safilo Peggy Guggenheim tribute sunglasses, they were great and ticked a few boxes but something wasn’t quite right with them. The glasses had a sad turned down look so I decided to redesign them and make them better…and my ‘PEGGY’ shape was born. I found an artisan in the UK to make me a prototype pair, which was as far as I was planning on taking it, until I posted a photo on Instagram and was urged to take them into production. Since then, I’ve had great fun dreaming up new styles. I currently have a lovely family factory in Canada that help me with eco friendly production. I really believe in buying smarter, less and good quality. My Eco-warrior lifestyle is at odds with mass manufacturing which is why I have kept this venture small and Mother Earth friendly.”

“the photo that launched 100 sunglasses.”

2. Who are your three top pop culture icons and why?

I am obsessed with eccentric woman that eschew trends and societal constraints. There are so many I could name, but let’s just randomly narrow them down to:
Beatrice Wood the Potter: lover of hunks and chocolate,  

Marchesa Luisa Casati: A flaming red haired muse and heiress who is still idolized and inspires designers even after her death. 

and the The Lava Lady: The less said about her the better, an LA icon you might have been lucky enough to spot around Melrose 20 or more years ago. (I was lucky a few times!) 

“Mimicking another wonderful eccentric Diane Pernet

3. What is your most popular item and style in your store and why do you think it’s so popular? 

“Peggy for sure! My first design still is the most popular, but I’ve recently made a 70’s ‘boozy aunt’ version I’ve named ‘GUGGENHEIM’ that is following closely in popularity. It takes a bold lady (or lad) to wear either but you will be rewarded with so many compliments.”

“The Guggenheim Style”

4. Do you have a favorite fashion decade? If so: what decade is it and why? 

“There are some many wonderful parts of each decade but what I adore most is the whimsy of the 40’s, fashion really hit a high then, especially in accessories.”

5.  What is your go to spring accessory and why? 

“Sunglasses and hats, of course, both are so easy to toss on but can make such a huge impact on your look. (Or not, if you are boring and wear Oakleys and baseball caps with no irony) “

“My newest sunglasses design coming next month: the Luisa.”

6. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“Next month I will be merging my sunglasses into my millinery company @hood_london  

I’m looking forward to making my work seamless and easier to access. It will all be in one place at I have two new styles landing that are really gorgeous, an ornate Rococo pair and a new Snake cat eye shape that I currently wear the most.”

If you like to learn more about Adele. The following contact information is below:



thank you so much for the interview Adele!!!

until next time! 🙂

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