Great Small Businesses: @jennyeveryday !

This week I interviewed a great small business: @jennyeveryday !

  1. Tell me a little bit about how your business started:

“Before we started Everyday is a Holiday we had this whole other life. We restored antique furniture, painted murals and did wall finishes. Then we opened a hand painted furniture store. It was a one thousand sq. foot shop and we hand painted every single thing in it. All the furniture, all the accessories, all of these vintage style boardwalk signs, portraits, flower pots…AND on the side we were making a wholesale collection and selling it to dozens of shops around the world.

It was way too much work for just two people. Then Aaron had a near fatal car crash and we had to slow everything wayyyy down. While he was recovering from multiple surgeries we started selling hand painted signs on ebay. Seriously, we were living on just a few signs a month and that was it. That’s when we named ourselves Everyday is a Holiday. And over the years the brand evolved and we began to branch out. We started a blog, we traveled around the country teaching classes, we wrote a book called “Mixed Media Masterpieces with Jenny & Aaron” (you can find it on Amazon), and we made a scrapbooking paper collection too.


But the true core of Everyday is a Holiday has always been our online shop. We make pieces that celebrate all the good things in life. Not just holidays and birthdays, but also the collectibles we grew up with and the everyday sweets and treats that make life great.”

2. What is your most popular item in your store and why do you think it’s so popular?

“The most popular piece in our shop is always changing, but our all-time most popular is our Jumbo bottle of Sprinkles plaque.

It was the first in our “Holiday Brand” pieces. We think it’s popular because everyone loves vintage style packaging, and it’s got another thing going for it as well – it’s JUMBO. A container of sprinkles in real life is about 4 inches tall. There’s something really fun about a 16 inch tall bottle of Sprinkles hanging on your wall. And it’s also super colorful and works with lots of different color palettes. And a very close second most popular piece of ours is our Donut plaques.”

3. What is your favorite holiday and why?


“Yakiddingmerightnow? Hardest question ever. But we’ll try – Halloween is probably our biggest and busiest. And it’s kinda funny because it’s the one time of year that we stray from our bright pastel & candy color theme. Though we do find a way to tie in a lot of pink & aqua at Halloween. Personally it’s our favorite holiday because we LOVE the fall and my birthday is in October. Growing up I always had Halloween themed birthday parties. But we celebrate all of the holidays all year round. We’ve got Easter Bunnies sitting next to Christmas trees, and heart shaped boxes of chocolates side by side with Jack O’Lanterns, and there’s Birthday Party stuff everywhere. We go all out for most holidays except St. Patrick’s Day. It’s my mom’s fave holiday and every single year she tries to convince us to make a St. Patrick’s Day piece, but it never happens, lol. Too much kelly green for me. “

4. Can you talk a little bit about your custom pieces?

“We always wish that we could do more custom pieces, but our everyday pieces are completely handmade so we rarely get extra time. We love painting personalized cakes and signs the most. Depending on the job a custom order can take anywhere from 6 weeks to ummm…many months. And painting people’s pets is super fun! We also love painting oversized food plaques for bakeries, cafes, and indie food based companies and brands.  “

5. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“YES! We’re super psyched about a couple of things. First, this year we’re actually going to have a Christmas in July sale. Every year we want to do it, but then things get too busy. But this year it is happening! We want to get all sorts of snowy & glittery in the middle of the summer. And also in the very near future…within days from now…we’re launching some new Party Foods plaques. You know – all those classic childhood birthday or classroom party foods. Slices of pizza, hot dogs, ice cream of course…but the centerpiece of the collection is our life-size Submarine sandwich! It’s more than a foot long, and painting it was insane! It’s easily my new favorite piece. To us, having a vintage stuffed bunny hanging side by side with a birthday cake and a giant sub sandwich is perfection. “

If you like more information. the following contact information is below:

Instagram: @jennyeveryday


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