“Condoms!, Condoms!, Condoms!”: Bea Arthur is my fave golden girl

When Bea Arthur accepted the role of Dorothy Zbornak in the sitcom the Golden Girls. She probably had no idea what an lasting impression she made on millions of people. I started watching the show when I was eight years old. I tended to watch a lot of shows that were aimed towards a much more older crowd since I considered my television to be one of my best friends.

I was such a fan of TGIF shows and anything that seemed funny to older people, so the Golden girls were right in my ball park!

As a child I was particular in awe of Dorothy’s wit, intellect, and on point comebacks:

I often tried to match her witty remarks in real life with my classmates but no one really got my jokes. I guess I was the only one in my 2nd grade class that watched the Golden Girls.

I feel like all of the characters in the show were very distinct their roles but I felt like Dorothy had the best lines. She seemed like the voice of reason in many of their zany adventures or when dealing with her ex-husband Stan:

One of my favorite episodes of Dorothy and Stan. Is episode eight, season 7 called the Monkey Show. When Dorothy’s sister comes to visit her and the girls. Stan goes to therapy to deal with getting over Dorothy and the therapist suggests that Stan uses a toy Monkey to talk about his feelings about Dorothy. I am not gonna lie I really wish I had a toy Monkey to used as an emotional tool.

What I also admired about the Dorothy character is her unique sense of style:

She did not shy away from a good blazer or a print!

She was even forced to wear a clown hat but yet managed to make it look fashionable!

Bea Arthur truly evolved Dorothy into a character that was a true friend and always there to help out her roommates when in a jam but obviously throwing some witty shade before doing it.

until next time!!!!

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