I said I love you thousand of times over text but never in person. Last summer when I went to visit you I promise myself that I would say it in person. I didn’t want to over think it so I put it in the back of head. A couple of days into my visit we settled in for the night. You turned on the 80’s version of King Kong and settled in to bed. You yawned and went into bed so I laid down with you. I thought about saying it …just blurting it out. But I stared at the ceiling. You turned your back towards me so I started to rub your back… I wanted to say it then. But my heart was beating too fast. I got scared. I got nervous. I stopped rubbing your back and I sat up and got closer to you. I wanted to whisper I love you. But a pillow was put between us you told me to move further away so you have enough space. I still wanted to say I love you but you told me to keep moving. I stopped when I reached the side of my bed. You settled down for the night. I had no room but I still wanted to say I love you. I could not sleep with space so I slowly got up. You sprang up from sleeping. “Where are you going?” I said I needed to used the restroom.” But I went to sleep on the couch instead. No cover, no pillow. I settled down on the couch and said” I love you _____.” And cried myself to sleep.

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