Welcome to the Insta-hood: @leighlahav !

This week I interviewed @leighlahav !

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

” hello instagram friends everywhere! I am Leigh Lahav, animator, writer and lover of sharing weird shit on my insta stories. I hop every couple of years between my homes Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, and complain about both respectively whenever i’m around (currently in tel aviv and complaining about missing target and mendocino farms. stay tuned!!!) My current IG is tiny and private because one time my account got hacked and blocked most of my followers which was a nice gesture as my therapist had just suggested I should stay away from social media. Thanks, anonymous hacker! (or rather….-gasp- THERAPIST??? WAS THAT YOU?)”

2. Can you talk a little bit about your youtube channel: OnlyLeigh ?

“AH! My now semi-abandoned youtube channel OnlyLeigh is an animation, pop culture and parody YT channel I started a few years back to satisfy my constant need for validation and attention. I wrote it with my partner/husband and animated it myself because I am a masochist. Some of the videos went viral which is pretty dang sweet, not to mention helped me get a manager and a career in LA!

I recommend: “A Stranger Things Christmas”:

a stranger things/peanuts mashup that is the only video I never got hate mail about. SUCCESS! Nowadays I keep making funneh videos but since youtube channels are hard to maintain I now make a series for CRACKED

3. What is on your summer reading or movie list and why?

“As it so happens i currently live in a country with terrible, humid, devil’s asshole hot weather so I definitely plan on not leaving the house for the next 3-4 months, which is plenty of time for indoor summer activities.

Right now I’m vibrating with anticipation for What we do in the shadows season 4. And then I’ll just rewatch it till October arrives I guess.”

4. What cartoon character best describes your personality and why?

“Tinkerbell. Like moi she’s small, blonde, moody, quick to anger, obsessed with looking at herself in mirrors and might seriously die if she doesn’t get attention. (also a little slutty???)”

5. Can you talk a little bit about your patreon?

“Thank you for bringing up my patreon As I mentioned back then around question 2, youtube videos don’t bring in a whole lot of $$$ unless you’re a regular vlogger (ANIMATION TAKES TIME!), so patreon helps me make indie videos. You can donate any amount you like per animated video, and I will ONLY get paid if I make a video! (some patreons work in a $ per month system. not I. do dang slow/busy/self hating.) While I upload less to my own channels, I do keep making new videos on Cracked, and some extra $$ through Patreon definitely, always, certainly helps me pay my staff, VO, and take my sweet time making my dumb cartoons extra smooth looking. Join us!”

6. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

” Nowadays I’m mostly writing some new material to pitch around town. I wrote a rom com feature so hopefully you’ll get to see that sometime in the next 30+- years! follow me on Twitter (@leighlahav) for updates or what is more likely very specific jokes about 90s sitcoms as i am re-watching Seinfeld (Newfound realizations so far: Kramer is definitely Bi. George is closeted Bi.)”

If you would like to join Leigh patreon the link is here: https://www.patreon.com/onlyleigh

Thank you so much for the interview!!!!!

Until next time! 🙂

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