Welcome to the insta-hood: @kashmeredanny !

This week I interviewed an amazing person: @kashmeredanny !

  1. Tell me about yourself:

“Hi! I’m Danny Murphy, and I’m a comedian, media host and content creator that lives in the NYC area — and by that I mean New Jersey. I’m a vegetarian who is always in need of an additional iced coffee, so when I’m not working I am walking to either get more food or another cup of caffeine. I’m currently a co-host of Betches’ hit show Not Another True Crime Podcast and also host a weekly segment on SiriusXM along with being a host for Page Six. On top of that, I’m the creator of Venti Vents, a digital destination full of relatable rants!”

2. How did you start working with @betches ?

“I started working with Betches ooh — back at the end of 2018 actually. I was freelancing for a few magazine sites and got the attention of their Editor-In-Chief who asked me to start writing for them. Around that time I was also doing stand-up and a comedian I knew from the comedy community who works at Betches posted that they were looking for a new co-host for their true crime podcast. I applied and after a few auditions, got picked and the rest is history! We just had our 2nd live show and it’s been so much fun growing with the company! “

3. Who are your top five favorite housewives’ and why?

“Omg, this is HARD. But I think I need to do Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger from Potomac, because they’re both hysterical and I love watching them feud together. Leah McSweeney from RHONY is also amazing — because she’s super fun but also super down to earth and supportive of the people in her circle. I’m also a huge fan of Bethenny Frankel because I mean, I mainly just fantasize about her savings account and wonder how I can get mine to look anything like hers lol. And 5th… this is hard, but I think I’m going to go Garcelle from RHOBH because she has been making such great moments in the seasons she has been on and I love how she is the perfect balance of fun to watch while also keeping the drama going.”

4. Can you talk a little about the podcast: Not another True Crime Podcast?

Not Another True Crime Podcast actually first started without me! It launched with Sara Levine (my current cohost!) and she was doing it with someone else. Then when Sara was looking for a new co-host to join, I auditioned for it which was great practice for auditioning and luckily got the position! Together we plan episodes, make outlines, and try to make sure that our listeners are getting a great episode each week. “

5. Do you have a favorite true crime topic on your podcast that you covered? Why was it your favorite?

“I think my favorite may have had to been a recent one we covered about Kari Ferrell, the Hipster Grifter. I liked it a lot cause it was a local scam that had such insane twists. I love covering scams because they usually lean a bit lighter in terms of content sometimes — which is also why a recent favorite episode was one we did with the Scam Goddess herself, Laci Mosley!”

6. Do you have any exciting events or news that you would like to share?

” Besides my hosting gigs online, I am hosting a comedy show at The Stand called ‘Pass the Aux’ every other month and am always looking to jump into new things! Stay tuned on my Instagram @kashmeredanny

If you would like more information on Danny. The following contact information is below:

Instagram: @kashmeredanny

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