Lesser known Simpsons Characters!

Hello I decided to bring this section back to the blog because I recently started re watching season one of the Simpsons. It reminded me how many different characters reside in Springfield! Here are five characters that I did not know a lot about:

Baby Gerald Samson:

Also known as Maggie Simpson’s foe on the series. This tiny baby stands out of the crowd with his amazing unibrow and baby hair curl. He and Maggie were born on the same day at Springfield General Hospital.

Gerald and Maggie bitter feud started right from birth. There was only one diaper left between the two of them at the hospital so it was given to Maggie. While Gerald had a make shift diaper of a local market newspaper. He ended up getting a really horrible rash and blamed Maggie for it. He is always plotting revenge towards her even during nap time.

Wendell Borton:

Classmate and friend of Bart Simpson is Wendell Burton. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Burton. He is most remember for helping Martin Price win class president.

And for having a sensitive stomach.

Daphne Burns:

Daphne Burns is the mother of Mr. Burns. He was married to Clifford Burns but had an affair with President Taft. Which was an unforgiveable thing for her son so he cut off communicate with her. She possibly had more than 12 children and had Charles when she was 17. She has a very sharp tongue and mean with like her son Charles.

Clancy Bouvier:

Father to Selma, Patty and Marge and husband to Jacqueline. He held job as an flight attendant but didn’t want it to be known. He was also in the navy and is missing a leg from an operation gone wrong. His hair color often switched to blue to red during the handful of times he appeared on the show.


She was part of a passing carnival and had a one time affair with Abe Simpson because she was paid. She ended up having baby named Herbert Powell who is Homer Simpson half-brother. So when the carnival came back to town Gaby presented him with the baby.

I might do another part 5 of this series of this blog. What characters did you wonder more about on the show? Comment below~~~


Until next time!!!

Source: Simpsons wiki and youtube.com

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