Artist’s Spotlight: @ghoulishgary !

This week’s artist spotlight is on the wonderful talented @ghoulishgary

  1. Tell me a little about yourself:

“I’m a full-time graphic designer and illustrator and I create original artwork and branding for films, music and magazines mostly within the horror and sci-fi realm. Many years ago I started a career in graphic design working at a packaging design firm in Toronto and gained some great corporate experience. From there I moved on to become art director for Rue Morgue Magazine during it’s formative years. It was an incredible time but after 11 years in the publishing industry I decided to start working for myself and registered Ghoulish Gary. I quickly learned what the freelance model is like but I started working with galleries, directors and big company’s that owned licensing for my favorite movies. I love the diversity of projects and working with all kinds of different people. I do conventions whenever I can which has helped my artwork get in front of collectors and fellow movie fans.”

“Gary Pullin, known to horror enthusiasts and collectors as “Ghoulish Gary,” is a leading designer in the world of alternative movie posters, vinyl record packaging, and pop culture art. His colorful signature style has graced numerous magazines including MAD, Fangoria and Rue Morgue, where he started as their original art director. He’s had his artwork featured on blu-rays, book covers, soundtracks and in galleries across the globe, created highly sought-after screenprints for the likes of Mondo, Grey Matter and album art for Waxwork Records, Death Waltz, and Varese Sarabande.”
Mondo/ Pullin

2. What was the first art piece you remember creating”

“It’s hard to pin down what my first real art piece was but I was always doodling on my notebooks in school. I would try and copy drawings from comic books or magazines. I think my first real project was when I was in Grade 8  when my home room teacher asked if I wanted to draw something for her walls. It was Halloween so she wanted me to draw Freddy Krueger and whatever else I wanted. I went to the library and to use the equipment like an overhead projector to transfer my drawing onto the paper and I finished the poster with pencil crayons and markers. I still have them.”

3. What horror movie or villain best represents your personality and why?

Mad Magazine/ Pullin

“That’s a fun question. If I think about it, I’d have to say partly Vincent Price and a bit of Alfred E. Neuman. Vincent Price because of my love of classic horror films. His voice was so uniquely his and he was everywhere when I was a kid.

Alice Cooper/ Pullin

He appeared on Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare as “The Curator” and in the early 1970s he co-hosted a show in Canada called The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. I was hypnotized by his laugh and the eerie intro music, the 1970’s aesthetics and all of the spooky characters played by Billy Van. I chose Alfred E. Neuman because I was obsessed with MAD Magazine when I was a kid. I poured over any issue I could find. The cartoonists that were employed by the magazine have remained big influences, Al Jaffee, Sergio Argones, Don Martin and Jack Davis were influential along with other horror artists like Basil Gogos and Bernie Wrightson. And I’ve always admired Alfred’s devil-may-care attitude, as someone who can maintain a sense of humour while the world collapses around him.”

4. What is the most popular item in your store?

Jack White Poster/ Pullin

“I recently created a few posters for Jack White’s current tour and they’re doing really well. Certain bands have a big following for their gig posters so I was lucky enough to work with him and Third Man Records. If folks want to check out what I’ve got in my shop they can visit:

5. What is your favorite project you have worked on this year and why?

“Speaking of MAD Magazine, I was thrilled to have created my second cover for them. It was for their  “Par(AB)normal” October issue.

Magazine/ Pullin

They wanted a new image that spoofed their Poltergeist comic strip and it was a total blast to work on. The art director sent me a rough composition with the gag and I was off to the races. I’m think I’m still riding the high from the chance to work with them again.”

6. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

” I’ve been lucky enough to work on a few exciting things this year. I recently teamed up with AMC Networks on a book jacket design (link is here to buy : Creepshow book) for Shudder’s CREEPSHOW series that will be released though Titan in October. I’ll be releasing a set of posters for The Exorcist with Bottleneck Gallery over the holiday season. I contributed to an upcoming graphic novel dedicated to the songs of Weird Al Yankovic and I’m currently working on a soundtrack and poster design for a horror film that’s been number one on my bucket list for a long time. I’m very lucky and grateful for these opportunities and I’m constantly thankful for anyone who’s ever taken an interest. And big thanks to LadyCult too for reaching out and sharing my work. Stay safe and Happy Halloween!”

If you like to learn more about Gary. The following contact is below:


Instagram: @ghoulishgary

Twitter: @ghouslishGary


Thank you so much for the interview Gary!

Until next time!

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