The Clown that lived forever… kind of: The life of Achile Chatouilleu

Achile Chatouilleu image from California Institute Abnormalarts

Achile Chatouilleu was born in 1886 and came from family of circus performers in America so he decided that he continue his family’s legacy and became a clown.

His last name: Chatouilleu named is translated from French as the “The French Tickler” and from various blogs and videos I read about this performer. Achile was a horrible clown and was not the best performer however he did love what he did. Actually he loved being a clown so much that when he died in 1912 from a kidney inflammation. He made some an interesting demands in his will. He wanted to be dressed in his full clown attire from a 1906 Shriner parade that he was part of in Detroit, Michigan. His also request was to be put in full clown makeup when he died. Then he also wanted his body to be preserved in glass coffin so it can be on view for people to come visit him even after he is long gone.

His body might have been embalmed in mercury and arsenic for preservation purposes. Having those chemicals in the air will be toxic so opening up the case and examining the body would be out of the question.

Another story of his persevered body is that when no one claim the body from the mortician. A circus bought the body and made up this story. Either way it’s here and it’s a little creepy. The last known wereabouts of this body was at the California Institute of Abnormalarts but they closed in 2021. I heard Ripley’s Believe it or Not has it but I am not a 100% sure.

Here is a great youtube that talks about it a bit more in detail:

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Source: Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, wikipedia.

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