Welcome to the Insta-hood: @davidarquette!

I had the pleasure of interviewing @davidarquette about Bozo the Clown ( @realbozotheclown )

  1. What was your first memory about Bozo the clown?

“My first memory of Bozo the Clown was from when i was a kid in Evanston Illinois sometime around 1975. I watched him all the time and was amazed by the silliness and joy the WGN Bozo (Bob Bell) brought me.”

Bob Bell

2. Why is Bozo the clown so memorable to you? 

“I loved Bozo’s relationship with Cookie. I loved the pie fights and of course the Grand Prize Game. I always wanted to be on the show and win a bike and chest filled of toys. There was a silliness that was infectious.”

“I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Bozo is also a fine artist. This piece is called BOZOO. It was painted with the help of the families that stopped by our tent at the Bob Baker Day celebration.”

3.  What inspired you to buy the rights to Bozo the clown?

“It took me 15 years to acquire the rights to Bozo the Clown but it was something I worked my whole life to accomplish. I really want to help bring kind clowns back. I hope people can cultivate that silly kindness again.  Often comedy feels mean spirited to me so I’d love to see some just plain ridiculous fun. I also want to use the brand as a force for good supporting incredible charities like Healthy Humor.”

“My son Charlie in a Bozo shirt available through Bozo.com  and https://www.belowthecollar.com/. “

4. What new things or upcoming events are you planning to do with Bozo the clown

“We have been working on a documentary that has the goal of helping to bring the focus back on the silly happy kind clown.

That’s the new Bozo crew Jozo Bozo (Jessica Harris) NüNü (Gabe Dell) Bozo and Kenon Walker

We introduced the first female Bozo the Clown Jozo and she has been incredible. We are working on music with Graham Wheeler, developing a cartoon with NüNü (Gabe Dell) and Dwayne Colbert, and a new stage/gameshow. We have a wonderful new toy from Handmade by Robots that should be ready soon. Not to mention The Grand Prize Game is also coming to stores near you once again!”

5. Who is your personal favorite version of Bozo the clown?

“I loved Bob Bell as Bozo but I also fell in love with Lou Jacobs at the same time seeing him at The Ringling Brothers Circus. He is a historic clown and I always thought they were all part of the same clown world and in a way they are. At least they are in my heart.

But my favorite clown is me and your favorite clown should be you so “let your clown out!”

If you would like more information. The following contact information is below:




Website: http://bozo.com/

Thank you so much David for the interview!!!!

Until next time! 🙂

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