Great small businesses: @latetothepartypeople !

This week I interviewed a great small business: @latetothepartypeople!

  1.  Why did you want to start a business?

“Starting a business is always something that I’ve been interested in. Over the years I’ve managed several brands where I really learned all the aspects of running a small business. You need to be able to wear many hats when you’re getting things off the ground. When I made the decision to start Late to the Party I knew I was ready. “

2. How did you come up with your business name? 

“For some reason this was so hard for me! I landed on Late to the Party (LTTP) for a variety of reasons. First, I always tend to be a juicy 15 minutes late to things and second, I was getting this business started a little later in my career. Plus I just think it’s an endearing phrase.”

3. Where do you find the fabrics when creating your pieces? 

“This is probably one of my favorite parts of the process. I’m a lifelong thrifter. My mother was an antique dealer and would take me with her when looking for treasures. I would comb the racks of clothing and linens while she was busy looking for furniture and housewares. To be honest, it planted this seed in me and I became addicted to the thrill of the hunt. There’s something really satisfying about finding interesting textiles in unexpected places vs going and buying them in a traditional fabric store. I find all my fabrics in thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets etc. I like to think that the fabrics find me. I then adopt them, take them home, and give them a new life.”

4. What is the most popular item in your store? Why it is so popular?

“I would definitely say our hats! I’ve done 2 drops of the hats and they have sold out in 24 hours both times. I think it’s really appealing to people because it’s this classic silhouette but elevated with an unexpected vintage print. They are something that you can wear all year long and they work for all genders and ages.”

5. What is your favorite pattern that you created so far and why?

“I’m a textile designer by trade but most of the fabrics I use for LTTP are vintage. I am partial to 70’s florals. Growing up my room was covered in the same floral print down to the bedspread, wallpaper, lamp shade and curtains. It really burned an impression into my brain and I think I’ve been searching for the perfect floral to cover every surface with ever since.”

6. Do you have any exciting news or events that you would like to share?

“After a lot of searching and trial and error I have found a production team that will be helping me with the hat production. It will make it possible for me to do bigger drops more often. I’m really excited about this!”

If you would like more information. The following contact information is below:

Instagram: @latetothepartypeople


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