Midnight Movie Icons


One Friday morning in April of 2008 I remember I was waiting in line for the annual Public Library Book Sale. I am kinda of a dork and like to hit book sales when they first open so you have or at least get first dibs on what you are interested in buying.

So when the doors first opened it was no surprised that the first section I walked quickly too was the Movie section. I saw the usual suspects on the shelf ( five million copies of Titanic, cooking videos, instructional  videos on how to check out library books and how to knit) but I always like to look around for movies that you usually do not get to check out at the library.  For some reason I noticed every year that I have gone to this particular book sale that whoever is in charge of putting the movies in the stacks likes to put the interesting stuff at the bottom racks. I am not sure if this is just by chance or they are saving them for themselves. In any rate that’s where I start my search and that year I was lucky enough to find two gems. One movie was called “Killer Nun” starring Anita Ekberg and the other one was a documentary called “Midnight Movies.”

I remember hearing about this documentary  before from a friend (plus it got major points for cool ever art!) So it was the first thing I watched when I got home from the sale. It is directed by Stuart Samuels and it talks about a range of low budget movies in the 1970’s that gained a cult status. These showings were at midnight; they would play for months, sometimes years at the same time.

The following movies are Midnight Movie Icons:

El Topo

Night of the Living Dead

Pink Flamingos

The Harder They Come


The Rocky Horror Picture Show


A lot of these movies have huge followings. I have been to a lot of midnight movies over the years and I have seen a lot of hardcore fans at these screenings. Some people will dress up as their favorite character from the movie, sing to the soundtrack or recite every piece of dialogue from the movie. In many cases they will do all three.

FullSizeRender (25)

The main point of going to midnight screenings (well at least from my point of view) is to have fun, let loose and be part of something special. You feel like a cool kid geeking out over things that you thought no one else was into.



I feel like you haven’t live your life fully until you have gone to at least one midnight movie in your life. I kind of enjoy knowing the fact that someone shares my taste of seeing Pink Flamingos or Eraserheard a dozen or more times and does not get tired of it. These kind of movies are more than movies when you go to a midnight screening it becomes an experience.


What is your favorite midnight movie?


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Do you like Records?

Collecting soundtracks did not become a thing with me until about three years ago. I had collected so much horror and cult movies items over the years like posters, movies, books etc. that for some reason soundtracks did not enter my world until I saw this movie:

FullSizeRender (9)

Videodrome was weird, it was scary but I thought it was a wonderful movie. After watching this film it made me an instant Cronenberg fan. However I asked my horror/cult movie loving friends about getting this soundtrack and they more or less told me that it was nearly impossible to track down the vinyl soundtrack . I made it a life mission to track this down; the images as well as the music in this movie is very haunting and I could not get it out of my mind. Howard Shore truly made a score that gave me chills in the best possible way imaginable.

I went to every record store within a reasonable driving distance almost every week for about eight months and no luck. Until by chance I stopped by on a whim after work to my favorite record store: Record and Tape Exchange in Virginia. As usual I headed towards soundtrack section and no luck that had more copies of Barbara Streisand movies that I have ever seen in my life! Then I decided to look at the laserdisc section to shake off the Streisand vibes of the soundtrack section and that is where I SAW IT!…for $15 dollars. Both vinyl and sleeve was in EX shape that I thought I was dreaming! It was one of my best purchases ever!

That soundtrack was the starting board of me wanting to get more horror movie/cult soundtracks:

FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (5)

I started compulsively going to local record stores afterwards. Websites like Ebay and Discogs became my best friends.  Even Amazon.com because a better acquaintance to me after I started purchasing vinyl. I had friends through social media help me a lot too, keeping an extra eye out for me or letting me know if any came on sale on the internet of the soundtracks I was looking for and could not find locally or at all. The condition of the sleeve and the grading of the vinyl become a top priority in my purchasing choices in terms of my horror/cult movie selection.

I made a wish list of the top soundtracks I really wanted and it felt like an achievement once I found it and had it in my hands. Every time I did a mental check off that list I gave myself a mental high five in return.

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (8)

I kind of prefer the older pressings rather than the new pressings that have recently come out unless if that particular soundtrack never had another pressing.

Although I am a huge fan of Waxwords records, deathwaltz records, Poisoned Mind Records and other indie record labels. I think it is amazing what they are doing; the cover art and work they put into making these are spectacular.



I do not have a favorite in my vinyl soundtrack in my collection because each one has a different story and reason as to why I have it. I just know that I having these soundtracks make me appreciate the horror and cult movie genre even more.



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Ro-bert M. Verbot: The coolest bot in town

Hello my name is Ro-bert M. Verbot I am a cousin of Omnibot by Tomy and I was born in 1984.


I am also co-author of this blog and friend of Clarissa (aka Lady.Cult). I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about myself:

I LOVE horror, sci fi & cult movies. These are some of my favorite movies in the pile next to me. These have been watch over and over again to death!


My favorite TV show is Twin Peaks mostly because David Lynch is my favorite director. I like to kick back and dig into a bag of chips:Cool Ranch Doritos is my chip of choice. Yum!

Who else gets chills when they heard the opening theme song? It ends up getting stuck in my Verbot brain for days! My favorite character on the show is Special Agent Dale Cooper; I think he is a total badass and loves to eat doughnuts and pie as much as I do!

I am probably the only Verbot who is very excited about the return of the show in 2016 or 2017 but I know many humans (especially Lady.Cult) are very excited about it as well.


I enjoy talking and showing my friends about anything horror movie related that I come across in Clarissa’s collection. Yesterday I showed them this cool book I found about  The Video Nasty Era. It has tons of rad pictures of video covers from movies that were banned in the United Kingdom in the 1980’s


In my spare time when I am not watching movies or doing Verbot things I like to listen to horror movie soundtracks on cassettes and reading about Giallo movie history. I guess the good thing about being the Verbot is that I don’t need a cassette player to play is just use myself to listen to the music!

I also like reading horror classics! This is my favorite book ever because vampires are one of my favorite subjects to read. I also enjoy reading the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.



This is one of my top ten favorite horror movie ever and I  watch this one at least once every month. Do you have a favorite movie that you watch all the time?

I cannot give away the next post I will be helping Lady.Cult with however here is a clue:


Until Next time!!!