Arrow Video arrows directly in my Film <3!

In early fall of 2013 I remember looking at my netflix’s saved queue and realizing that the titles from my saved queue section actually outnumbered my queue section. I decided to jot down a top ten list from my saved queue and look at other places like Amazon and Ebay to try and find physical copies of the movies.

I remember some of the movies on my list were: Possession, Phenomena, The Clowns

Possession was on the top of my list. I remember seeing stills from it and being really confused but intrigued. So I added it to my Netflix’s list earlier that year and it automatically went in the saved queue section. I waited and waited for months hoping one day that movie would pop into the queue section but no luck. I was getting bored with the movies I was receiving through Netflix’s so I decided if I found a copy of that movie just to buy it.


I was so excited to have found a copy through Amazon and without hesitation I ordered it immediately. When I received it later that week I was so happy to have that movie in my hands that I literally dropped everything  else on the floor and ran to my blu ray player put and popped the movie in. I sat down….. andthen nothing happen except for a screen that popped up and say INVALIDED REGION CANNOT PLAY.

I was confused what does even mean??!?!? I went to google to find out. As much of a film lover that I am I had no knowledge about DVDs and BLU RAYS having different region codes: some had numbers and letters; some had a combination of both. In order to play these movies with different regions I had to get a region free player. So the more research I did about a month later I settle on a blu ray region free player that could be multiple regions and was so TRILLED to be able to watch this movie.

I told one of my Instagram friends about finally being able to watch this movie with the region free player and he was like ” You made a great investment…Now you can start getting Arrow Video movies!” I had no idea what Arrow was at the time so I looked it up. I went to their website and saw the roster of movies that they had on their label. Needless to say how impressed I was with their list!


FullSizeRender (22)

Arrow Video is one of the coolest movie labels ever! I am rarely disappointed with their blu rays and dvds. Everything from their cover art, to their the movies are release is every cult movie lover’s dream! It makes want to watch all of there supplements and display them as work of art rather than shoved them in a corner somewhere. This label has introduced me a lot of movies I have never heard before like Society, Spider Baby and Lifeforce.

FullSizeRender (24)


They also have brought out a lot of my favorite movies like Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Videodrome, and Black Sunday. They are the kind of label that by cover art alone it just makes you want to get the movie even if you never heard of it before. I feel fairly confident when I blind buy a movie from arrow video because I know I am getting something weird and unique that I probably will not regret seeing and having as part of my movie collection.

Future Releases from Arrow Video that I am looking forward to:

Return  of the Killer Tomatoes


Microwave Massacre

Dead in Drive In


Crimes of Passion

What future titles are you looking forward too?


Until Next Time!




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