Movie of the Day: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

Today’s movie of the day is To Wong Foo, thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995) directed by Beeban Kidron and staring Patrick Swayze (as Vida), Wesley Snipes (as Noxeema) and John Leguizamo (as Chi-Chi).


It is about three dragqueens who are traveling by car from New York City to California and ends up having car trouble along there route. They end up being temporally stranded in a random small town in the middle of America. The three might the best of there time there while their car is getting fixed by encouraging the women of the town to be the inner queen and a more confident lady. IMG_1668

This movie is so much fun! I remember watching this so many times when I was growing up that I seriously have lost count! I always remember that the three leads always brought some kind of brightness in an otherwise drab life. It was either in there wardrobe.IMG_1673  Or in their uplifting quirky dialogue. Some of my favorite lines from this movie:

Chi-Chi: “How do I look?”

Noxeema: “Like the Miami Sound Machine just exploded all over you!”

Tommy: “Baby, you are a whole lot of woman…and I know what you need.”

Noxeema: “I hardly think you are the man to give it to me.”

Vida: “Your approval is not needed.”

Noxeem: “Approval neither desired nor required.”



If you are ever doubting yourself or if you find yourself in need a of humorous pick me up. I really recommend this movie.

Fun Fact about this movie: Matt Dillion, James Spader and Rob Lowe were considered to be the three leads in this movie!


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Book Club Info!

Yesterday was the first Fear Street Book Club meeting where we discussed R.L. Stine’s the Babysitter. It was such a great conversation about this book and I would like to thank @palmtreepriestesstarot , @glitrvamp and toy_highlander for participating in the discussion! Babysitter_book

Now for  April’s fear street club book selected by @palmtreepriestesstarot *Drum roll please!*176473

If you are interested in joining April’s fear street book please DM me (IG: lady.Cult). We are holding the discussion via Google hangout so it’s critical to have a gmail account in order to be part of conversation. The discussion usually last up to 40 minutes but it could go over so you would like to at least block off  between 40-60 mins for it. The next book club discussion will be held April 15th, 2018!



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And the Contest Winner is….

Two days ago I made a contest of a future “welcome to the Insta-hood!” interview. I asked people to enter via Instagram post as to why you should be selected. AND TONIGHT WE HAVE A WINNER!!!


TMBR Congrats you have won!!!!! Please DM via instagram your email address so I can email you all the questions by this weekend. Thank you for all that enter! eb55

the Power of resilience…..

It always amazes me how people no matter how hard emotionally they are hit. They seem to always bounce back. It may not be an automatic bounce there maybe a lagging period of tears, anger, anguish, or depression. Or all of them but one must keep in mind that you will survive it. You survived yesterday , you made it through the end of today and tomorrow you will probably be stronger then you were two days ago. Just remember that  everyone is unique in their own way, and has value in this world. Always remember you are resilient, you are loved and you will continue to grow. tumblr_nlx19mqBfb1tprcs9o1_540

Artist’s Spotlight: Andrew Buck

This week’s artist’s spotlight is on Andrew Buck.

  1.  Describe your art atheistic:
     “I like to describe my art style as marker punk . I have no idea what I’m actually doing or any formal training but I just try to create something interesting with the skill I have. I use mostly sharpies in my art thus keeping it nice and cheap as well .
    Early on in my pursuit of art I would spend a lot of money on art supplies ( paints , expensive markers , etc) at some point I just completely abandoned that idea . I realized that it doesn’t really matter what you use to create . As long as the piece is interesting in the end , who cares how you got there.”
  2. How did you start your art business? ”
    ” I started by just posting to social media like crazy and hash tagging the hell out of everything. About 6 years ago I started teaching myself to draw all over again from scratch, completely changing my style . During that process I started posting the progress for a visual record . I slowly started getting contacted for commissions and it all started there. I opened a bigcartel shop to sell my personal work in as well.
    In 2017 I quit my full time job to focus on my art and creating comics . I’ve been self publishing a psychedelic occult superhero comic called Satani-Kill since late summer 2017 . 2 issues are available now with a third on the way in the next few weeks. Last fall also saw the release of a cover I did for fantagraphics all time comics Crime Destroyer  issue 2.”IMG_2310.jpg
  3. What is your favorite piece that you created and why? ” I think my favorite piece is a Ms.45 tribute I finished about a year ago . I’m a huge fan of B horror and exploitation cinema and the strange things that can happen in those movies . Honestly my dream job would be doing box art for vhs tapes , however I’m about 30 years late on that one.”IMG_2315 (1)
  4.  What are your influences and why?                                                                                  “As far as actually drawing my primary influences are Jack Kirby, Jim steranko, frank miller , Gilbert Hernandez and Alex Toth . Influences on my general aesthetic are much broader though , a lot of music and film . Bands like the stooges , suicide and the Ramones had a big impact . Short, simple , effective , attention grabbing and to the point . IMG_2303
    As I said before I really love movies too so there’s a considerable amount of film influence , especially in my comics . Primarily David Lynch , Kenneth anger and Jean Luc Goddard really effect the way I tell and think about stories . I also really love the way vintage low budget horror, sci-fi and exploitation.  IMG_2309Just kind of toss reality out of the window and are more concerned with showing you things you haven’t seen before , just completely unapologetic. I think there’s just too much pseudo realism and not enough imagination in modern fiction across all genres.”
  5.  Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future?  ”

     “I’m still working on Satani-kill ! That will be a total of six issues so this month I’ll hit the halfway point on that series . After Satani-Kill I have another comic I’ll be self publishing called Lucifer’s Loving Light , a sci-fi occult space adventure. Something along the lines of Jack Kirby meets William s Burroughs . I also just finished a short story for Matt Kings tales to enlighten, that should be out later in the year . I can’t get specific yet but I designed a skateboard deck that should hit spring/summer ( very excited about that one , total childhood dream).”

For more information and/or to contact Andrew here is the following information:

Instagram @novotnykit
Tumblr @novotnykit
Facebook – Andrew Buck
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